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Kyoshi Tyrone Wiggins Sr., 8th Dan Karate & Oki-Kobudo

Founder and Chief Instructor


(He's 51 years old)

Who's Who:
Tyrone Wiggins started his martial arts training in 1968 under his older brother, Joseph Wiggins, after watching the television show the Green Hornet. Joseph learned jujitsu and karate from Sensei Calvin Jones, and taught Tyrone various techniques until 1972. In 1972, Tyrone started training at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center very seriously after his mother had passed away. He trained at the center under Renshi Warren Cunningham in Shinsei Ryu Karate Kobujitsu, a practitioner of Okinawa Kenpo and Kung Fu. Renshi Cunningham was a big fan of the late great Bruce Lee like most of us were during that time. Renshi Cunningham was so devastated by Lee's death in 1973, he had a memorial service at our dojo to show respect for his passing. After a couple of years of training with Renshi Cunningham, he promoted Tyrone to shodan black belt in 1974. Tyrone stayed with Renshi Cunningham until 1976 before joining the United States Marine Corps. After enlisting into the Marines, he started basic training at Parris Island the land that God forgot. At the end of his 12 weeks of boot camp, he was sent to Jacksonville, NC for training at Camp Geiger, where he met and trained with Kyoshi Richard Gonzalez of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo. Training with Kyoshi Gonzalez gave Tyrone a better understanding of the ways of Okinawan Kenpo. Tyrone also met and trained with Sensei Vic Coffin and Ian Cyrus at Kyoshi Gonzalez's dojo. During his training on Camp Geiger, he also trained off base with Master William Roy receiving his blue sash. Master Roy was one of the best competitors in N.C. and taught Tyrone numerous Chinese weapons during their training together.

The Okinawan Connection:
While training at Camp Geiger, Kyoshi Gonzalez told Tyrone that he should go to Okinawa and train with his teacher Hanshi Seikichi Odo. After arriving on Okinawa, the first karate teacher he saw was Hanshi Seijiro Maehara of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo League Kenburyu. Hanshi's Maehara and Odo were like brothers who taught and trained very hard in keeping the old ways alive. Tyrone continued to train with Hanshi Maehara from 1977-79. In 1978, he was invited by Hanshi Fusei Kise to fight at his karate championship in which he won the silver medal by beating many competitors, even Kise's son along the way, but losing the gold metal round to one of Kise's other students. Tyrone had the honor and privilege of training a short time with Hanshi Kise who taught the Marines at Camp Schwab Marine Corps base on Okinawa.

On July 27, 1980, Sensei Tyrone Wiggins was discharged from the Marines and started teaching at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center where it all started seriously. Sensei Tyrone taught at the center from 1980-1986 before joining the Philadelphia Police Department. Sensei Tyrone has instructed a number of "Law Enforcement Officer's" in self-defense and street survival tactics. He also taught and promoted a number of students to black belt. As a competitor, Sensei Tyrone done very well in kata, kobudo and fighting, which made him well rounded and known amongst his peers. In 1994, Sensei Tyrone was shot in the line of duty while arresting a drug suspect in a narcotics deal that went wrong, and by the grace of the "Almighty God", he survived too train and live another day.

Past Federations:
Okinawan Karate Federation headed by Glen Premru 10th Dan Karate & 9th Dan Kobudo. The United States Karate Alliance headed by Dr. David Jordan 8th Dan and James H. Hawkes 9th Dan. The International Karate Kobudo Federation headed by Bruce C. Heilman 9th Dan Karate & Kobudo. The National Karate & Kobudo Federation headed by Kyoshi William Woodard.

Present Federations:
Member of the Tiek Soo Chang Ch'uan Fa Federation under Master William Roy Sr. and Grand Master Sher Li Ping. Member of the International Kuntaw Federation under Grand Master Carlito A. Lanada. Sensei Tyrone Wiggins Sr. is the President, Founder and Chief Instructor of the Seishi-Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation that is known world wide.

Kyoshi Tyrone Wiggins Sr., teaches at his student dojo in Delaware with federation member schools in Delaware, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Ohio

Karate Tournaments:
Kyoshi Tyrone Wiggins Sr., has won a number of point fighting, kata and weapons championships in his life time, but prefers full contact fights. He believes if he can not knock you out in a point fight, why do it. To all visitors that comes to his dojo, do not be fooled by his age of 50, the man can still fight.

Home Life:
Kyoshi Tyrone Wiggins Sr., has retired from the Philadelphia Police Department after 24-years of service on November 18, 2009. During his service as a police officer, he was shot in the line of duty in 1994 and decorated with the departments hightest medals of "Valor and Heroism". He has been married to his lovely wife now for 29 years and still going strong in 2010 with four children.

Hall Of Fame:
Kyoshi Tyrone Wiggins Sr. was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall Of Fame in 1997 as "Instructor Of The Year". He was inducted alongside of great men such as Gary Alexander and the late great Harold Long and many others in Tannerville, PA in the Poconos. Sensei Wiggins was also inducted into the International Hall Of Honor Hall Of Champions Awards in Maryland for "Elite Man Of Kobudo" with Dr. Joe Parrish as the host. Sensei Wiggins was also inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Association International Hall Of Fame under (Founder's Award).


(1968)-Started Martial Arts training.

(1974)-1st Dan Karate and Kobujutsu by Renshi Warren Cunningham.

(1978)-Sempai 2nd Dan Karate and Kobudo by Hanshi's Seijiro Maehara and Seikichi Odo (Okinawa,Japan).

(1981)-Sensei 3rd Dan Karate and Kobudo by Hanshi Seijiro Maehara (Okinawa,Japan).

(1985)-Renshi 4th Dan Karate and Kobudo by Kyoshi Warren Cunningham and "Teacher's Certification License".

(1989)-Renshi 5th Dan Karate and Kobudo by high ranking members of the Isshin Kai-Do Karate Kobudo Federation.

(1996)-Renshi Wiggins received his certification of Master Of Karate-Do from the United Senseis Of American Goju-Ryu Association by Kyoshi Prince L. Burnett 8th Dan and his teachers were Master Tony Lingo and the late great Hanshi Peter Urban founder of American Goju-Ryu.

(1996)-Renshi Wiggins received his certification of Master Of Karate-Do signed and stamp by Hanshi Peter Urban via Kyoshi Burnett.

(1996)-Hanshi William Brown "SOKE" of the Zen Nippon Kudo Federation stamped and signed Renshi Wiggins Sr. 6th Dan Karate and Kobudo Certification as a board member. Hanshi William Brown teacher was the late great Preston Carter of the early 60's & 70's, and his teacher was the late great Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushinkai.

(1998)-Renshi Wiggins received his "Teacher's License" and 6th Dan Certification from the Okinawan Karate Federation under "SOKE" Hanshi Glen Premru and his teacher was the late great "Hohan Soken".

(2000)-Shihan Wiggins received his 7th Dan Karate and Kobudo from high ranking members of the Seishi-Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation via Hanshi Okuro Nakameishi.

(2000)-Shihan Wiggins received his 7th Dan Certification from the Okinawan Karate Federation via Hanshi Glen Premru.

(2001)-Shihan Wiggins received his certification of registry for the WIGGINS KARATE ACADEMY and his 7th Dan "Nanadan" Certification of Rank, along with his Instructors License from the National Karate and Kobudo Federation via Kyoshi William L. Woodard.

(2004)-Shihan Wiggins received his black belt/Sash after 28 years since he last trained with "Head Instructor" Sifu William Roy of Tiek Soo Chang Ch'uan Fa.

(2004)-Shihan Wiggins receieved his 7th Degree red, white & red belt from Grand Master Carlito A. Lanada Sr. in "KUNTAW" the International Kuntaw Federation. Sifu William Roy has been a student under Grand Master Carlito A. Lanada since the late 60's.

(2006)-Kyoshi Wiggins received his 8th Dan Karate & Kobudo on February 16, 2006 from members of the Seishi-Ryu Karate Kobudo Board.

(Some Certificates)

"Kyoshi Wiggins is one of Philadelphia's best karate & kobudo teachers"

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