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Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Knibb

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With Doreen Shaffer





Original Skatalites :





A Remembrance of The Chief Musician :

Rolando Alphonso

January 12, 1931 - November 20,1998



Rolando played his final show at The Key Club in Hollywood California.

Condolences, sentiments, photographs etc., can be sent to:

The Alphonso Family

103-31 135th Street

Jamaica NY 11419-3213




Rolando Alphonso 1931-1998


Rolando departed this life on November 20th, in the twelfth hour, still in a coma

brought on by hemorrhaging in the brain.He was stricken on stage at The Key

Club on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood California during the second song of

The Skatalites performance on November 2nd.

Just as Roland finished his solo on "Eastern Standard Time", he fell over backwards onto the stage.

He was promptly attended to and within minutes was about to board an ambulance when according to the band,

he began to speak, declaring, "I'm alright, I don't want to go".

He soon realized that he should at least get checked out and went along.

They found that during a brief seizure he suffered a burst blood vessel in his neck.

Roland's recovery began almost immediately and he spoke to his family each day from the hospital,

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

On November 17th, Roland was to begin physical therapy, however according to his daughter Michele,

he suffered another burst vessel and slipped into a coma from the hemorrhaging.

After he was nonresponsive for three days,

the family made the decision to terminate life support and Rolando Alphonso, 67, aka the Chief Musician, Flats, passed on.

Rolando Alphonso was born in Havana, Cuba to his Jamaican mother, Gertrude Russell,

and his Cuban father, Bernardo Alphonso.