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The Seventeenth Angel - Of Free Will

Tabris, unlike any of the other Angels, is sent to NERV by SEELE, and is human in appearance and hence is able to infiltrate NERV unnoticed which is vital as Tabris possesses little in the way of offensive capabilities. He is actually a clone of ADAM
Kaoru comes to NERV as the fifth child, and demonstrates amazing abilities in sychronizing with Unit 02. He befriends Shinji and lets Shinji place his trust in him. Kaoru then takes Unit 02 and goes to Terminal Dogma. Shinji in Unit 01 as sent to intercept and it's seen that Kaoru only took Unit 02 to keep Unit 01 busy while he attempted to initiate the Third Impact, by returning to Adam. But he realizes as he reaches "Adam"s holding place that it is in fact not Adam but Lillith. Shinji in Unit 01 breaks into the room, and grabs Kaoru. Kaoru asks Shinji to kill, or "erase", him, and after some thought, Shinji obliges.
NOTE: For those of you who are obviously a little too thickheaded to understand if Kaoru is or isn't gay (that's right I'll say it), I'll answer that for you now. No, because it isn't possible. The concept of gender is something that all Angels have evolved beyond. Tabris' form as a human male and identity as Kaoru are merely set ups by SEELE to make his infiltration that much easier. Tabris loved Shinji for the contents of his heart and soul, as that is what Angels truely see in humans.

ANGEL CLASS: Infiltration


I.Q.: 20
M.E.: 30
M.A.: 20
P.S.: 8
P.P.: 20
P.E.: 8
P.B.: 25
Spd.: 8
Hit Points: 8
S.D.C.: 16


Effectively NONE


A.T. (ABSOLUTE TERROR) FIELD: The main defensive function on every Angel. Tabris' A.T. Field is the most powerful one ever encountered by NERV, and theoretically able to deflect just about ANYTHING, even blocking out light particles and gravity emissions. Thusly, I feel that it simply isn't possible to quantify the capabilities of Tabris' A.T. Field.

COMPLETE SYNCHRONIZATION: Tabris is capable of synchronizing perfectly with an EVA at any level up to 200%, and does not even need to be inside it in order to control it. Of course, EVA's have souls of their own, and rarely synchronize with incompatible souls unless the soul occupying the EVA is in becoming withdrawn or in hiding, as was the case of EVA-02 when Tabris took control.

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