Members tactics


1.)Shot down palmtrees and hide in them, great sniping spot. /1Shot^žDž^
2.)Always go down on your knees and run forward and backwords when you gonna stab with the knife. /J.H^žDž^
3.)Use grenades to kill people in the water from land. /Pro/Pain^žDž^
4.)Put claymores in the walls, makes a lovely site. /Sweed^žDž^
5.)In the Tkoth map called Ice Floats u can collect time behind the big hill with the castel on. /Coco^žDž^
6.)Put a montion claymore in a house with a satchel at the same spot, it makes a cool timebomb who will blow
up the whole house in df2 and df3LW, hahaha, BOOOOOM!!!! /Soultaker^žDž^
7.)Move your Saw from left to right and from right to left, spray'em good...never run stright, dance alot!!
If the enemy running shot in front of him and on him, over and over again, never let go of your trigger til he is burning corp. /Sweed^žDž^
8.)Never try to catch a Lawrocket coming stright for you.. .lol. /Dagger^žDž^

Attitude and Manners


The main difference between a single player game and a multiplayer game is … the people!  You are interacting with real, live, flesh-and-blood people.  So treat them on the computer exactly as you would in person: with courtesy.  Nothing ruins a game more than some childish boor who uses profanity and accuses everyone who “frags” him of cheating.  And it isn’t necessarily a function of age.  I have seen 12-year-old boys playing with style, humor and ability, being both polite and professional.  On the other hand, I have seen 40-year-old men acting like 3-year-old babies, crying to their mama because a better player has constantly hammered them.  A multiplayer game is a very good way to see into the real personality of someone, simply because his behavior is not limited by any other factor than the game and their own internal attitude. Plus, there is a wide range of people playing the game, from rough and tough construction workers, to retired grandfathers, to professional military men from countries around the world, to eight year old handicapped kids.  Especially the younger kids.  I am just waiting for the story of a boor who uses foul language, unknowingly on his boss's son, and what the boss does to him when he finds out.  Or the teenage that shows up in class one day, and has the “pleasure” of discovering one of his teachers was the player he “flamed” the night before.  But most of the people ARE quite nice, and don’t use profanity.  Please don’t be the exception.  You may occasionally make a mistake, or say something that you really didn’t mean.  Apologize!  Or leave if you cannot handle it.  Better yet, break your game CD and uninstall your program.  You will never have much fun, anyway, and no one will want to play with you. To talk to other players during the game, it is simple: Press the “T” key to let everyone see your message.  Press the “Y” key to let only your own side or team see your message.  Messages need to be short, as you only get about 50 or so characters, depending on the length of your screen name and the resolution you are playing in. When using the text chat during the game, talk to the other players.  It doesn’t have to be anything intricate, discussing the fine points of wine tasting or the political fortunes of your favorite candidate, but an occasional acknowledgment of a good job by the other team would let people know that you are human, and you do appreciate them in the game (even if you lost).

Text Chat

During text chat, you may see some acronym or abbreviations.  Many of them are regular computer shorthand, symbols or emoticons, which you can find in any chat room on the net.  Some are very DF1 specific.  Below is a list of the most common and their meaning:


BB               Bathroom Break

brb               be right back

btw               by the way

ci                  Connection Interrupt

cya or cy       see you later: bye

gg,gga           good game, all

g/s or gs        good shot

hehe              self evident ?

htg                Have to go  (thanks to Triad)
htg-gg           Have to go, Good Game  (thanks to Triad)

j/k                 just kidding

k                   short form of ok

lmao              laughing my a** off

LMBO          Laugh my butt off (for the kiddies)

lol                  laughing out loud

n1                  nice one

np                  no problem

n/s or ns         nice shot

OMW           On my way!

rgr                 roger

rofl                rolling on the floor laughing

thx                 thank you

tk                  killed me while i was typing (typing kill)

ty                  thank you

W1               Wait 1 min 

wth               what the heck?

:-)                 a smile

;-)                 a wink

:-(                 a frown

:-p                sticking your tongue out (good naturedly)

?                   did not understand or am awaiting a response

8^)               a smiley, with  glasses   

M8                m+eight, like  bud   

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