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Iíve found that sometimes when you write what you are thinking things tend to pop out that you didnít know were there.

Lately my mind hasnít been rightÖ

I find myself living in constant anxiety, my mind races constantly throughout the day. At night, my dreams keep me awake, I am constantly awakening from terrible dreams. Its so odd, sometimes I wake up with this terrible feelingÖ.Its almost like waking up at a train station and realizing you missed your chance.

Questions arise in my mind that cannot be answered, or rather can be answered but are incomprehensible to the my level of thinking. The fact that size has no meaning. The fact that time has no beginning and no end. If you are doing nothing, arenít you doing something? If nothing is something.

Why does this happen. My whole life Iíve been a healthy person. Could it be the drugs, for the last 4yrs of my life Iíve been a marijuana user. Ever since I started using the drug Iíve felt as if life was completely meaningless. But , I liked it, the dark world that marijuana brought me into was something new, something different. It expanded my mind yet darkened my horizons. An even trade I thought, I alienate myself from society so that I can realize the truth. Yes, thatís what it does, it opens you up to the truth.

The truth, it was clouded by religion, science, technology, all creations of cowards and 
people that are too weak to accept the truth. Look, there is no god, we donít go anywhere when we die, and trying to create our own god through technology will eventually be our downfall.

Honestly folksÖdo you really think that the world is such a perfect place. There are so many things we fail to see, so many things that are hidden from us.

I will try to explain, I will use America as an example. The government is the next step of human evolution, sorry to say. But they managed to outsmart us. They created distractions, religion. Now instead of wondering what the purpose of life is, the masses will go on with there little insignificant lives, knowing that when they die they will enter a world of eternal bliss. Great, now that we are all distracted big brother can get to work. 
One thing is for sure, the government is aware of the worlds problems. And they are plotting ways to rectify them.