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(24 August -23 September)

Virgos have sharp analytical minds, with a great capacity for taking mental notes and retaining information. This enables them to appreciate the finer points or details that most people donít even notice. They pay great attention to detail and like their things to be organized and orderly, for Virgos are true perfectionists. Virgos also like to look sharp and dress to impress, leaving a formidable impression on those they meet. They admire in others the same standards they place upon themselves, and are easily impressed by people of importance, and eager for the mental stimulation they expect from associating with them.

Things to watch out for

The downside to being a Virgo is they can worry about small matters or fine points, often getting bogged down in detail they can miss the big picture. Virgos are generally very talkative and can reveal too much of themselves or bore people with too much detail. They pride themselves on giving advice which can make them unpopular if they start criticizing their friends. Of course, they donít do it to be critical or nasty, they genuinely feel they are helping. You can be sure that Virgo has analysed you thoroughly and really just wants to share what he or she knows.