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(24 October -22 November)

Scorpios are rugged, nature lovers well suited to the great outdoors. They are able to adapt to many conditions and easily tolerate hardship or go through any ordeal. While Scorpios are bold and fearless risk takers, those risks are well calculated, which accounts for their high levels of success in their endeavours. With great self control and practical intuition, Scorpios have the ability to size up a situation and anticipate others movements, giving them an edge. They are good at keeping secrets and not revealing their ideas, using the element of surprise to hit their mark at the most opportune moment.

Things to watch out for

Scorpios lack tact, and often bait people who oppose them. While Scorpios shrewd sense of attack works well on most people, or those who have a reason to fear them, their secretive manner can be a give away to people with keener minds who will treat them with suspicion and find ways to counteract their efforts. Scorpios can also be argumentative, attempting to rule family and friends. To avoid this, they need to take on bigger responsibilities and stretch themselves for they are not suited to the easy life.