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(20 February -20 March)

Pisces is artistic, with a good imagination, active and restless with a great deal of natural skill. They possess a good memory, especially concerning a particular field, are excellent researchers and are good at handling detail. Their nature is generous, and receptive which generally wins them friends and when things fall apart, Pisces will always be there to pick up the pieces. Pisceans often do much for the world and individuals and generally donít like to benefit from their own knowledge or skills, preferring to help others prosper.

Things to watch out for

Pisceans generally undervalue themselves, often settling for positions well below their talents. They often place high demands upon themselves, taking on too much, and because they are truly perfectionists, they then lack the time to get everything done. This in turn leads to procrastination, and indecision. They are prone to despondent spells, and anger is often their outlet for frustration.