Teen Speak

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This section talks about teens point of veiws about certain issues in life, and i thought it would be a great idea if i shared it with you guys:)

In today's world, there is much trouble and unrest and no one appears completely satisfied with life because everything has become very competitive.However, man can create the feeling of cheer and satisfaction if he so wants...through this inner feeling which is called happiness. But life and happiness are matters of give and take.You can get happiness only by sharing some of it with others.Secondly,the essence of happiness is contentment and this depends on the outlook of an individual. Happiness is not a place,it is a direction.And it is up to you to find the way to the door of happiness.In short,happiness is the gift of God.So be happy.

I say true love does not exist and have all the evidence in the world to prove it.Love is there for the taking.It could be right under your nose.It could be with your family,best friend,anyone...The most beautiful things in love are visible when it's real. You feel like you are flying and your heart beats a million times.The feeling is simply exhilarating.The secret of attaining true love is to never give up searching for it and when found,take it slow and easy.Let nature play its part.Now, you are probably wondering-'this girl is nuts or what'.I was heart-broken once but now the world is in my hands.I have so much confidence and I feel excellent,marvellous...I hope everyone out there earns true love,'cause evryone deserves it.

This new millennium is a beginning of a time of peace,harmony,equality and love .This century has been one of wars,hatred,mass murders,and deaths.In the new millennm,we want to change this.We want it to be a time of joy and sharing.We want it to be a time of peaceful co-existence.

Friends are an integral part of our lives.True friendship develops wherever the bond is based on love,trust,and understanding.In such a group you can never be alienated, and if you do have quarrels, they never last long.Good friends try to make up as fast as possible.

Belonging means being in a group and does not necessarily mean being popular.Popularity for me means having friends.And to have a friend,you have to be one.You have to behave in ways that would make your friends appreciate you.