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(24 September -23 October)

The Libra star sign is denoted by the scales, for Librans are a paradox. They are extremely intuitive, with a great ability to tell true from false or right from wrong. Librans are sympathetic and understanding and eager to hear othersí views. They are generous, self sacrificing with a deep sense of charity to others. When it comes to a choice between practicality and humanity, the latter generally wins out, for deep down, it is family and friends that mean the most to Librans. But the feature which sets Libra apart is his or her sense of fairness in the scheme of things. Libra will take up the cause of the underdog, in spite of reason, just so they will be heard, itís all about balancing the scales.

Things to watch out for

As already mentioned, Libra is a paradox, for in spite of their incredible intuitive powers, they listen closely to others and are easily swayed to abandon their sense of things by logical argument. Librans can also put a great deal of effort into creating a harmonious environment, particularly at home, only to become miserable when those they care about take it all for granted. Librans give so much to others with such sincerity that when they are neglected they become dissatisfied and morose, and they can also be very sensitive about having their tuition criticized or maligned.