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(24 July -23 August)


People born under the sign of Leo have great promise and can easily go far in life. Leo is impulsive and exuberant, courageous and determined and very proud of his or her accomplishments. Leo is a natural leader with a great capacity for love and loyalty. To people who know them, this makes them loveable and appreciated and often idolized. Leos are masters at winning friends and influencing people with their natural persuasive powers which lends itself well to their ambitious natures. They have an impetuous desire to accomplish and the sky is always the limit.

Things to watch out for

The biggest danger to Leos is becoming a victim of their own ambition. Leos impetuousness and fearlessness can often lead them into trouble, taking large risks or setting themselves impossible tasks which are doomed to failure. They have a strong need for power which they use to impress, and without it, they can become lazy and boastful. Leos can also be viewed as arrogant because of their unshakeable faith in themselves. But the charismatic Leo is truly unstoppable.