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Just remember...
Life goes on, no matter what.
no one can be judged.
A hot shower.
No lines at the super market.
to be unique.

Discovering u've kept a copy of.
To reach a
Being human.
Getting mail.
Taking a drive on a pretty road.
Hearing your favorite song
on the radio.
Lying in bed listening to the
rain outside.
Having people who care about you.
getting an A on a hard test
N Sync will be coming over to ure neighborhood.
Life is great.
being admired by others.
being appreciated.
A new wardrobe.
A long distance phone call.
Free stuff.
You can do anything.
If you fail,
You won't fail forever
Finding a forgotten 20 Dinar bill
in your pocket.
Laughing at yourself.
the day u drew a smile on ure friend's face.
Laughing for absolutely
no reason at all.
Having someone tell you
that you're beautiful.
knowing that someone cares.
Falling in love for the first time.
Accidentally overhearing someone
say something nice about you.
Waking up and realizing you still
have a few hours left to sleep.
Watching your fave movie.
Making new friends.
Spending time with old friends.
Late night talks with your roommate
that keep you from sleeping.
problems never last.
Sweet dreams.
Hot chocolate.
Road trips with friends.
There is good to be found
in all situations.
Realizing that no one saw u when
u fell over ure face in school.
Song lyrics printed inside your new
CD so you can sing along
without feeling stupid.
Going to a really good concert.
to be given another chance
there is always a brighter day.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Winning a game.
The future is always full of hope.
Having your friends send you
homemade cookies.
To give and not accept anything
in return..
Rainy days eventually

give way to sunnier skies.
you care about.
Seeing an old friend, and realizing that
some things (good or bad) never change.
[I love you, Rachel!]
Discovering that love survives
and is stronger than time.
Friends remembering ure birthday.
Seeing the sunrise.
Getting out of bed every morning and
seeing that it's another beautiful day.

There is nothing good or bad,but thinking makes it so.Yes, I totally agree with this statement.Happiness doesn't come from money,success,or fame.It comes from within you...You are in charge of your life, and you can decide how to look at the world.So, if you are still feeling low and sad ,,just remember...
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