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(22 May -21June)

Gemini is a sign of extremes or dual personality. This person is fast as lightning, flitting about from one thing to the next in an endless pursuit of knowledge, success and fun. Gemini is active, clever, versatile and totally unpredictable. Gemini is interested in everything and has a natural talent for acquiring new skills and putting them to use. They love fads and hobbies and take up new pursuits at an almost alarming rate. They are also excellent talkers and make friends easily, for this reason, they also make good salespeople. Gemini has the ability to size up people quickly, therefore eliminating timewasters. They are also avid travellers...they just love to be on the go.

Things to watch out for

For Gemini, life is lived at a very fast pace, and this can be Gemini's greatest downfall. Career wise, all of that chopping and changing means that Gemini often expends a lot of energy getting nowhere. Although they are quick to take up new hobbies, they are just as quick to drop them, and often dismiss things they fail at as unimportant. Even friendships suffer under this fast paced lifestyle, as Gemini can often neglect old friendships in favour of new ones.