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(22 December -20 January)


Capricorn is the most conservative star sign. They are patient, plodding and solid with the ability to show great restraint, that is until provoked, at which point they will butt their way out of a bad situation. They are kindly and determined, and introspective in a practical way for they know their faults but are willing to do something about them. Capricorn also thrives on responsibility due to their strong sense of obligation. They are excellent organisers and good long term planners which makes them good at business and successful in later life.

Things to watch out for

Capricorns will generally put up with problems for a long time, giving those around them the impression that they are content even though they may be truly dissatisfied. They tend to lack self confidence and can be very prone to criticism, letting others take credit for their efforts and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. These things can bring them down, too hurt to fight back, they become solitary and thoughtful, often finding solace in music or art.