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(22 June -23 July)

Cancer the crab has a retiring disposition, being cautious, self effacing, shy and sensitive. They can be prone to deep contemplation, during which they can solve problems and get results. Cancerians are ultra conservative because they want to make sure they are right before they proceed with anything, and once their mind is made up, they won’t waver, except when it concerns smaller matters. Cancer also likes to seek out new scenery and loves to travel, however they love coming home even more.

Things to watch out for

Ruled by their emotions, Cancerians are all too aware of their sensitivity and shortfalls, which causes them great worry. They are easily swayed by fear of poverty or misery, which can make them frantic and apt to waste whatever possibilities they possess. Their slow plodding nature is also prone to jealousy when they see others around them reaping quick rewards and achieving fast success.