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My Homepage


 hi there visitor i hope u enjoy surfing through my home page , i've put a lot
 of effort in order to make thispage look good so u'd better like it! what made
 me do this page was because i thought it would be nice peoplecoming to ure
 page and looking at  ure interests ant what type of stuff u really like which might
 help them get to know u much better.It took me just a few hours to make my
 homepage, NOT ! it took me  months! it taught one  thing and it is patience. 
 patience to the pages that take tons of time to load when the connection is bad,
 patience when u just get a blank  page after u've typed a full page of text coz u
 forgot to save the page! it even taught me to never give up and try again until i 
 get what i really want ,the html code drove me nuts at first, but now i got used to
 it, finally.So have fun , guys