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(March 21 - April 19)


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac which suits them perfectly as they are born leaders. Aries are active and alert with lots of drive and ambition. They are quick to notice changing conditions and adapt accordingly, therefore they will never be left behind in a changing world. Aries is most happy when pursuing outlets for their boundless energy and often expect others to follow their lead. This isn't a bad thing as they have a great ability to get others moving. They make good advisors as they can see trends early, and are then able to motivate others into plans of action.

Things to watch out for

With all that drive and ambition, Aries can be aggressive at times, attempting to reform others or lead them in a crusade. They can also feel very restless unless things are heading towards a specific aim or goal. Aries can have a tendency to drop one project for another seemingly more important one. This scattering of their efforts can make it hard to see anything through to fruition. Others thrive at Aries expense, which can leave them feeling resentful. In the long run though, this doesn't really matter as Aries' persistence will win out in the end and lead them to success.