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(21 January -19 February)


Aquarians are the great humanitarians, or at least they can be if they set their mind to it. They have a commanding nature and the power to persuade others by simple straight talk, and many are quite charismatic which serves to make them even more powerful and persuasive. They are agreeable and reliable, active yet calm, in short they have a natural dignity which draws people to them.

Things to watch out for

Aquarians walk a fine line through life. While they have the ability to do much good, they can fail themselves by allowing their power to be wasted or merely used for personal gain, but by doing this, they disappoint those who come to revere them, and eventually lose the esteem in which they are held. It is therefore important for Aquarians to rise above their own interests, and cultivate a warm manner and genuine interest in others, not for the sake of being selfless, but to achieve the greatness and humanitarianism they are meant for.