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About Me

Name: Noor OR Noora
birthdate: November 25,1984
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Nicknames: Pure,nerrr.
Sibs: 3 yrs older sister,1 year younger brother, and 10 years younger twin brothers
(who drive me nuts all the time)
Birth place: Bahrain (if u don't know where it is, look for a small dot on the map!)
Likes: going out, laughing,music,chatting,food,movies,shopping, and having fun.
Dislikes: waking up early in the morning to go to skool, listening to parents' and
teachers' lectures,people who think they're all that,criticisim.
Favorite Music Arabic Artists: Ali bin Moh'd,Hind,Rashed elFares,Jawad,Miami,
Rashid Elmajed.
Favorite music English artists: Backstreet Boys,N-sync,Britney Spears.
Best Movies i watched:Rush Hours, My Best Friend's Wedding,10 Things I Hate
About You,Waterboy,The Craft,Men of Honor.
Favorite Actors/Actresses:Ben Affleck,Matt Damons,Julia Roberts.
Colours: white and blue.
favorite food:Pasta,Big Mac.
Vacation Place: DUBAI
Dream Car: Silver BMW.
Recent Goal in Life: To finish college and get a job.
Quote: Live Your Life!