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While playing guitar at a local CoffeeHouse in Fairbanks for the last two or three years I've met many nice and interesting people from around the world. Jonathan has been coming to listen to our music and works on his wonderful sketches. Whenever I'd take a brake, I'd always have to visit and watch his drawings grow. Finally I had to get some pencils and sketch pads to try my hand. Around the beginning of October of 2002 I started sketching my dear friend Safia playing her fiddle. I was amazed and overjoyed. I've been like a kid with a candy jar ever since. Thanks to all the people that have let me do their portraits. Special thanks to Jonathan and Jonelle for their friendship and mentoring and letting me look over their shoulders.

Jennie Seay has the nicest page of pencil drawings I've found in a month of looking through the internet. Well worth a look but you might be there awhile.

Here are links to three friends, who art inspires me. I love them dearly. Please visit them. Linda Gock from Australia, Katja Alakotila from Finland and Anika Kerstin Stunpf from Germany.

Jonathan is working on a page. Someday I'll have a link to it. He's a 'puter person so it will probably have lots of bells and whistles.

Elven Portraits

The fantasy page. Fantasy

Most drawing are done on a 11"x14" 80# medium drawing pad by Strathmore.The scanner exaggerates the yellow color. The drawings tend to be 8"x10" to 9"x11" when they're finished.

  • Safia #1
My first portrait.
It will probably
always be my favorite.
  • Diane #4
She was a good friend
when I needed one.
  • Diane #26
Now hopefully she's
helping some one new.
I did better this time.
  • Lynn #5
He's been making music
and calling dance for years.

  • Sarah #6
Amazing musician.
Wonderful friend.
Part of Ice Jam.
Musician, singer,
songwriter and a nice guy.
  • Isla #8
Plays an upright viola
and can she sing!!!!!!
  • Marie #9
A nice lady and then some!!

  • Jim #10
Jim and his Old Irish flute.
  • Fred #11
The bass man.
Plays bass with several groups.
  • Zoya #12
Dog obsessed musher.
  • Mari #14
Another artist who's left the state:-(

  • Megan #16
Little friend!
  • Seth #17
My favorite banjo picker:-)
  • Terry #18
Great singer!
  • Jerry #19
Collector and picker of old Martins.

  • Herman #21
A great laugh!
  • Robert #22
Robert and Marie.
  • Marie #23
Brother and sister
  • Robin #24
Great musician.
Wonderful lady.

  • Fred #25
Anther view of the bass man.
  • Noralee #28
Mother and
  • Tomika #30
  • Bonnie #35

Don't have room to say
all the good things
about this lady;-)
  • Rachel #39
  • Tia #40
Herman's sister.
  • Lynda #44
A friend from the Juneau folk fest.

  • Gina #45
A special low singing voice
fantastic hair.
  • Sharon #48
A commision.
  • Caitin #49
Celtic fiddler extrodinaire!

Safia is out of town for a year taking care of business. She's missing Alaska and we are missing her. Missing her is why I started with her. She loves this portrait but I'm sure I can do a better job of it now. If I do another we can both have one to put on the wall.

Diane is a special friend. We learned how to waltz together. I intend to do another portrait of her. This portrait looks very much like her but there is something I missed. It doesn't quite show the special lady she is. PS. It's been 2 months since I did Diane's portrait. I compared the drawing with the photo and now I can see what I should have done. I'm learning how to see. I still have lots of learning to do!

Three months later, here's Diane again. Much better portrait but still not right. My Mentor, Jonathan, tells me not to be discouraged, that she's one of the hardest individuals to draw that he's met. I sure find that to be true for me. I feel like I learned a bunch but still have miles to go.

When I first met Lynn he played the flute and penny whistle. Then he took up the mandolin and now he scratching away at the fiddle. A Celtic music fanatic.

Sarah's playing her Hammered Dulcimer. She's a bit of a fanatic when it comes to playing music. I think her exspression shows it.

Leighton and Marie. Two great musicians from one of my favorite local bands and good friends. I'd like to do Marie's portrait again. I don't like the way her hair looks. Here's a link to their bands web page. Please go listen to them sometime. Lousiaska

Isla is a wonderful singer and plays a cello. When she plays my fiddle she holds it like a cello as in the picture. We've been really enjoying her joining our music sessions.

Jim carries his flute everywhere he goes. It's almost a part of his body.

Fred plays bass with Marie and Leighton. Such a great face to draw. This is one of my favorites. Maybe that's not the word to use but you'll understand what I mean. All the portraits hit a soft spot in my heart.

I met Zoya at the CoffeeHouse. She really liked a song I'd written called "Let Us Dance" . Besides good taste in music she's an avid dogmusher.

I met Mari at a Contra Dance. It was her first Contra Dance and by the end of the evening she was dancing better than some that had been dancing much longer. She's an art major at the university. Hopefully I'll get to see some of her paintings someday. Her hair isn't usually that wild, but I'm glad it was for the portrait. Mari send me an e-mail if I spelled your name wrong.

Megan and her dad come and listen to us at the CoffeeHouse. Megan will often come up with us and help sing songs like "The Fox" and "Waltzing With Bears" Sometimes she does our portraits. She was working on a drawing when I took her picture for drawing this portrait.

What can I say about Seth. Great banjo picker, singer, songwriter and all around nice fellow.

Terry and Jerry are some very nice and talented folks. My skills keeps improving but I still have a ways to go.

Herman is always smiling and making jokes. I'm not sure why he wanted such a serious pose. I think there's a hint of a smile that came out as I was doing the drawing.

Marie and Robert are brother and sister. They come and listen to music and also Contra Dance. Real nice young folks. These are a Christmas present for their father.

Don't know Robin as well as I'd like too. Glad I got to do her portrait. Great smile and a mighty fine musician and song writer.

Fred asked me to do a front view. It's nice when I can include instruments in the drawings.

Noralee lives in New York. She was visiting for a short while in Fairbanks, played some music and waltzed with me. Great Lady!!

Tomika is Noralee's daughter. I didn't get to visit with her much. Pretty lady!

Bonnie is a big part of the Coffee House family. Always a big smile!

I've been wanting to do a portrait of Sarah for a long time. A while back she ran a songwriters workshop for several months. Helped me with my song-writing more than I can say in words. I love her music and I love her dearly. The portraits not too bad. Wish I could have done better.

Rachel and Bonnie are sisters. You can see it in thier smiles.

I don't know Tia other than she's Herman's sister. Nice Smile

I met Lynda at the Juneau Folk festival. She hadn't ever waltzed or contra danced. I ruthlessly dragged her on to the dance floor. Fortunatley she's forgiven me. I regret that we didn't get a chance to sit down and sing some songs and she lives a long ways away. Good excuse to visit Petersburg. Thanks for the dance Lynda.

I met Gina at the open mic I host. Great songwriter and an amazing voice. Makes a body fall in love when she sings. Her hair is quite wonderful, but alas, hair is my bane, though if I'd tried drawing her hair six months ago it would really have been tragic. She definately is Elven but you just can't see het ears.*This drawing was done on 11"x14" 100# smooth Bristol by Strathmore. I can get more detal with it but the scanner doesn't give it that interesting parchment look.

Sharon was a commision. I like it.

Caitlin is an amazing fiddler. She doesn't play with us nearly enough.

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