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These are items that I have in stock now and will update as inventory changes. The prices are for the individual piece. Shipping will vary depending on destination. Any sizes given are approximate.

Last updated 11/27/08

Sorry this page is so un-informed. I've been being a carpenter haven't hardly gotten into my shop. What I do get done sells at the Market faster than I can keep up here. I'm hoping some day to have a real web site that I can sell at and stop being a carpenter. Thanks for stopping by.

E-mail me if you have a request at

Thanks for stopping by. Skip

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Thank You to all the people who helped make it possible for me to keep turning by buying my Bells, Boxes and Bowls.

My friends and I aslo play music at the College Coffeehouse every Wednesday night and a Celtic Jam the first Saturday of the month. See you there.

The leaves have fallen!
Soon there be snow!