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Juneau Trip 2004

Here's some pictures of our trip to Juneau in April for the Alaska Folk Festival. Enjoy!

  • Caribou
Several small herds crossed the road in front of us
between the town of Tok and the Canadian border.
  • Donjek
A nice place to stop for a brake
along the Alaskan Hwy.
  • Kluane
We spent the first night along this lake.
Took a nice walk along the shore before bed.

  • Dall Sheep
At the inlet of Kluane Lake by the appropriately named Sheep Mtn.
  • Sheep, Sheep!
Friendly ladies. I was mabye 15 feet away.
  • Up High
This was in the pass between Haines Junction and Haines.
A winter wonderland on a calm sunny day.

  • Chilkat River
Ussually there are lots of Bald Eagles along this river.
I think they were all out enjoying the sun.
  • Scoters
We ate lunch along the ocean.
This raft of feeding ducks was very entertaining.
  • Ferry
Lovely day for a float.

  • Ferry Jam
A little noisy but a great place for music and a nice view.
  • Island
Light House along the way.
  • Glacier
Nice walk by the Mendenhall Glacier.

  • Puddle
One thing I miss about living in Fairbanks is the lack of good bed rock.
  • Musicians!
Hard core musican;-)
  • Glacier Tunes
And she played the whistle while the glacier retreated.
Even glaciers run away from whistles.

  • Juggler
Self explanatory.
  • Forest Trail
Nice walk out to a beach on North Douglas Island.
  • Old Fart
Walking barefoot on a sandy beach.
How could life be better.
Maybe if the water temp. was more than a few degrees above zero.

  • Oh To Be Young!
Julie really got into playing in the surf.
  • Sarah
Sarah was a bit more casual on the beach.
  • Anenome
Mostly muscles and barnicles on the beach but there are some other nifty things.

  • Chitin
Tidal pool critter.
  • Walks
Lots of nice places to walk.
  • Squirel
Nothing rare but still cute.

  • New and Old Friends
Katya is a new friend.
Love her banjo picking and singing.
Will is a well known musician in Fairbanks.
  • Lenn
Great squeeze box. He must know thousands of tunes.
  • Swans
And then we came home but the music continues.