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"Kings Cages" #2018 N

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2018N Bird Cage cages on sale now

$ 349.97


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Size: 20"W x 18"D x 4'9"H
Bar Spacing: 1/2" 4mm Bar
Inside height: 28"
  • Safety Lock Impossible for Birds to Open
  • Napoleon top opens into playpen.
  • Slide out grill and catch tray.
  • Most durable, non-toxic, powder coated paint available.
  • Removable seed catcher
  • 1 cage perch.
  • 1 playtop perch.
  • 2 stainless steel cups in cage.
  • Stand with 4 brass casters.
  • Weight 95 lbs.

Cage Paint and Safety
Most durable, non-toxic powder coat paint available. Paint and bird cage designs tested at independent labs to ensure maximum safety and comfort.
Rust Resistant
Specially designed not to rust unlike other cages, and cage bars are completely painted to prevent rust. Beware of cages made from square tubular framing with holes drilled in the tubes to insert the cage bars. The bar ends cannot be painted and ultimately rust from the inside out. Avoid cages which come with a disclaimer, warning owners not to wet the cage when cleaning.

Accept Only The Finest For Your Feathered Friends! Inferior bird cages can be dangerous to your pet. Toxic paints, rusting, sharp edges, parts that can come loose and be swallowed, insecure latches, places where droppings collect and are hard to clean, or bottom trays which allow droppings to be reached can harm your bird. Also Beware of look alike cages! It has been reported that high levels of zink (toxic to birds) has been found in the paint of tested look alike cages.
Safety Lock Impossible for Birds to Open
Safety Lock
Optional Cage Covers
Parrot Cage Cover
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Cage Colors

Almond Black Gold Texture Black Black Silver Texture Coppertone Texture Green Texture White
Almond Black Gold Texture Black Black Silver Texture Coppertone Texture Green Texture White

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