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Snack number 1 (DROOLZ)
Snack number 2 (Mummmmm!)
Snack number 3 (YUM, YUM, YUM)
Snack number 4 (BuRp!)
Hi, this is my Snack page (23 June........come back and check if it's been updated) it still needs HEAVY construction and i'll try to get it the way i want it soon (evil laugh!). I know there are only 4 snacks on the page but give it time yes. Er.....Um......Ah yes the bit where i say all the pics on this page come from Anime U.K (sadly no longer in production). Oh yeah, if you guys have any ideas of your own mail me and i'll stick em up on the page (maybe..........MWHAHAHAHAHAHA......Er sorry!). LATER AND HAPPY MUNCHING!!!!