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Me...........(sort of, you guys don't wanna know the real me anyway ^_~)

Bean Bandit
Getaway Driver/Pro at getting barred from pub's
Self Employed

Chicago (Middlesbrough.....REALLY!)
Phone number? That's a need to know MISTER!
Mail me and you might get some kinda reply.....LOL

Well what can i say about the man you see in front of you.........well i guess i'll give ya a little run down about me. My name is.......well that's not important is it so.......I'm 24 years old, i was born on the 15th of March 1976 in a British R.A.F hospital in Rinteln North West Germany. We moved back here (to England that is) where my dad soon left my mother and i still don't really know him as well as i should (Ah well......the past is the past!).

I live in Middlesbrough (for those of you who don't know is in the north of England) i work for Game L.T.D selling comp games to the public which sucks at the moment cuz i want to get out and explore the world go to Canada and snowboard wile i visit my relatives (he, he, he free board), i also wanna go to Scotland soon i feel a connection with the place it's so beautifull and open and the people are great. What do i want to do with my life? i hear you ask........well i wanna go to Uni and do Zoology or Marine Bio. Zoology is my number 1 thing though cuz i love wolves and i wanna go to North America or Canada to study them in there natural habitat to learn about them so as to better protct them from hunters and the like!. I also love with a passion Shelby Cobra gt500's (a veriation on the classic Ford Mustang) and i also love the greatest (and best looking) combat aircraft that was ever built the F-14 Tomcat.

Right let me see my friends (well those that i hang with the most) are Matt the main founder of the D.B.A Revolution (go read the news letter) to discribe him, well he's a dope smoking self moulded mafia hitman (Nice Guy Eddie). My friend Jones.....well he's Welsh but he's really o.k if ya overlook that point (just kidding) he's also a mafia type (got a lot of Italian in him) looks like Donnie Brasco and he's a self styled loan shark (again just a joke) and now we come to DaJooseMan who is a Jimi Hendrix guitar playing, layed back dope smoking, wise advise giving, good friend.........they all are and if you know any of them then you'll know i'm right!!!!! Well i can't think of any thing more to say so i'll have to keep adding to this when ever i get the chance all thats left to say at the moment is..................


This is Knife Edge, my KILLER Chocobo.
Wark! Mess with me and i'll kick yer butt...WAAAARK!
You can get your own trained killer Chocobo at... Assasin Chocobos R' Us

Knife Edge's Stats


Pro ASASSIN graduate of the Chocobo's Asassin Guid


4.5 foot


175 pounds

Eye color


Feather color

Yellow (gets a brown tinge in the winter)

Number of kills so far!

167 confirmed KILLS

Strange habits

Killing people (pro ASASSIN), Obssesion with Shelby Cobra GT500's and Fire arms, Drinkin' BEER.