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Well O.K!!!!!!.........After long thought i have decided to update this page (seeing as all the links and stuff are here!) and if you've been here before (AS IF!) you will now notice that the Shirow gallery is gone!. Now as this was the main driving force behind me for making this site i hope you wont be too displeased cuz i have (in the process of actually!) of putting up another gallery dedicated to Adam Warren (those of you who dont know of him i am including a profile on him, hang in there!). The new gallery will include alot of sketch work (which i love) including alot of Dirty Pair and GEN13 stuff, also a fair bit of commisiond art with takes on Danger Girl, Capcom characters and other anime/manga faves!. As a note to all the CHICK (ACK! sorry, indipendent young women....^_~) visitors most if not 95% of the Warren gallery features women. (sorry guys but there aint any naked pics!!). I think imight also include a message board on that page for you feedback and such!. Also new is my MANGA MUNCHIE PAGE (click the link above) to servie all your munchie needs......... *DROOLZ*!!!!. I am also putting up a shout out page which should be fun (EVIL GRIN!). There is also the idea of a manga/anime review page too, although i'm not that sure yet!!!!!. And on a final note it would be nice if people would sign my guest book or leave a message on the message board. STAY LONG AND VIST OFTEN!! OH, my new e-mail address is so mail me soon O.K!
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