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To the Portal room for Karadia Realms

NOTE: If you are not a member and wish to be please go here: Applicant.

Eva's Words
DND LISTS (will be restricted)
Storytelling Test

Welcome page for new comers

Please feel free to consult Our Website for information on Aezyder, its Themes and other important information related to the room. The website may be reached through the entry page to the room or through the links at the bottom of this page.

We would ask that for the sake of avoiding confusion that All who enter take a proper name and use the locational pulldowns since this helps us to integrate You into the RP within the room by giving us someone to greet and a spacial term of reference for others.

If you wish simply to observe then please place an ~o~ after the name and it will be respected.

If at all possible You should have a biography of Your character available for submissiom to The Rulers and Council Members, even if You only wish guest status within Asgard, since Your ability to fully participate in the RP will be severly restricted to a superficial level until Your Char Profile has been approved.

Other than that We hope that You enjoy Your visit and feel encouraged to return.

Now you have no excuse but to enjoy your stay *Smile*.

NOTE: If you are not a member and wish to be please go here: Applicant.

Character Creation for Asgard City and Karsadia

For character creation

We have decided since we are playing online to have each person write at least a one page bio of themselves. This should have as much information about themselves as they can.

Here are some topics that you might want to discuss:

Are you human or what kind of creature are you?

What is your profession ie class?

Do you use magick? If so how? What type? What do you use it for?

Where are you from?

How did you get here?

What specialties do you have? Ie write poetry, dance, sell merchandise, steal, make things, sing, etc.

Anything else you would like to share?

What spells do you use? You may start with 22 spell slots. 1 spell slot for minor and moderate. 2 for major and 3 for supreme. You may only use certain spell domains depending on your character. Ask the Queen first to find out your spell domains or go to the Vision Spell list and look up what type of spellcaster you are. If you are wanting another domain that you don't have in that list you may substitute for another however ask the Queen first for approval.


What magick items do you have?

Special note: Although part of the purpose of the room is to test a new gaming system we donít want to bog you down with learning a lot of rules and regulations. We find that the best way of learning is by playing so donít panic. Weíll do all we can to assist.
If you need some help contact Queen Angeliique or