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Karsadia Realm Rules

General Karsadia Rules

  1. Powers used that do not exist on the characters list will be ignored as having not happened. Actions of non approved characters cannot do include but are not limited to

Changing major story lines.

Killing registered member.

Disrupting the local population at large in any way.

Causing large scale havoc, blowing things up, and committing crimes all fall under this category too.

2. There are NO god (godlings if appoved and only if you have gone through the trials... only 4 gods on karsadia have full forms the est are like ghosts and they are all now npcs played only by the Mistress and Master of the Vision), demon attacks (without permission), no allowed rapes, no suicides (seppuku must be preapproved and done the right way or not done at all, No rape unless it is approved storyline by you and the RC. And rather NPC death than sucide.), miscarriages role-play at this time. Due to the nature what it does to some the players rt. 

There are now Dragons and evil pcs however you have to have been there for a period of one rt year and passed the storycouncil test. Dragon pcs only have the adnd powers of a hatchling. Don't try to take over the homes. 1 per player... the evil ones can't be godlings, or if they are have to be NPC and die or killed at the end of the rp you have planned out, need a purpose that does not involve taking over at this time. Subject to wyld magick as the rest of us. You have to be preapproved before you play your character.

Should a married woman become pregnant and the male dies or leaves then she will be given a couple options.

NO cyber raping.  If you do you will be booted and banned.

No abortions and no miscarriages. There are anti-pregnancy spells/runes to keep it from happening until you wish it. And then there is always the chasity belt. NO premarital pregnancies. .and if you are pregnant before marriage you will not rp it until you are married.. if your husband dies or leaves you have 3 options, god parents, single parents, or ward of the state.. in the old times it is believed all children were the communities responsiblity

3. Realize that if you are a magic user you do not have unlimited power, it will run out and play fair just as a warrior will get tired a mage will run low on power. The rules of sparring and magic are by the vision any other playing systems need to be adapted accordingly. Magic Items need the approval of the council, rc and/or Karsadia Coordinator.

4. All rooms have glyphs and protections. Please follow them and roleplay it out. There are guards in the main hall you will be accosted even if someone is not there in person. All are expected to enter the castle proper with any and all weapons peacebonded. You do not have to post this, it is assumed. You only have to post if your weapons are not do so. Members of the Asgardian Territories are permitted to enter the castle without peacebonded weapons, and are assumed to not be done so.

4. Any council member, RC or Karsadia Coordinator may issue an order that a Banned, Harassing, Disrespectful or otherwise visitor to be captured or executed on the spot. But this will not happen often. Please follow the rules and RPW rules.

5. Non-members are limited to cantrip up to moderate level powers ((ADND 4th level is the highest to go)). Cantrip level powers are defined as any supernatural [magick, arcane, divine, chi (ki), innate, items, etc.] ability that is beyond the scope of your average Earth human.

6. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

7. You may PM without permission however if you break the rules and the reciepent wishes to put it in public for example, you try to rape them or harrass them in private and they don't wish this . They put your post in public you will be liable for that action. So watch your p's and q's Please.. Please keep all R/T information in PMs or messenger programs. 

8. The RCs for their rooms will rule with absolute judgment in all matters.

9. No harassing others, RT or VT.

10. It is highly advised to keep up with the boards for any up-to-the-minute changes or events.

11. Portal rooms are used to bring the kingdoms together. Each has a coordinate and you key them in. Not every room has alot of magick so please be weary of that.

12. Follow each of the room rules above and beyond what is here. And keep all of MC chat rules. No one under 18 and no personal character under 18.

  1. Mirrored rules. You can't come cause trouble and then go back an

    hide in your room.

  2. Most rooms are limited kill or no kill. None allow slavery at this time. There are no kidnappings allowed out of the Karsadia Realm.
  3. If you wish to fight in an rp you need to give a bio to the RC and if you are going to travel that bio also needs to be approved by the Karsadia Coordinator. Once approved you will be able to say in your tags approved travel and use any of your magick if the RC accepts. Still remember you are ambassadors for your room so act like you wish to be treated.

16. Magick .. all rooms if they wish to have magick users ..unless they are RC .. then that is different.. but for the regular users : all starting chars start with 22 slots for magick

1 for minor or dnd 1-2 level,

2 for moderate or dnd 3-4 ,

3 for major or dnd 5-7

and only one supreme spell allowed or anything 7-10 dnd.

you may have more IF you are accepted by your rc or by Karsadia coordinator..

NO non-member of Karsadia may use anything higher than moderate or 4th level dnd period. Only exception is if the rc accepts healing that is beyond .

17. No more than 3 characters per room with memberships. up to only 3 karsadia characters with no home allowed at anyone time. If so you need to send your bio to the Karsadia Realm Coordinator. If not you may send it only to your RC.

Should you decide to travel you will then need to give your bio to the Karsadia Coordinator before you may be involved in major rp.

18. Involving more than one room needs to be preapproved by the Karsadia Coordinator and perspective RCs or set up by approved Storytelling council members which have to take the storytelling test.

19. Please use a non fancy readable font .. All message and name text should be readable without highlighting and failure to do so will result to 2 warnings and then all your posts will be ignored until you complete the task of changing it. Possible good colors are light colors like beige, yellow, bright green, bright red, silver, light brown, gold, pink, blue green and such .. colors that are not recommended are dark colors, dark blue, dark brown , dark greys, dark purple...NO BLACK FONT.. try to stay with all other RPW rules that we don't have already said PG 13 avatars, no nudity. We have discovered that some computers have trouble with fancy fonts. Height of Avatars no higher then 350 pixels.

  1. SCRIPT anything questionable anything that could come back to haunt you and anything important. Copy the posts and paste then save and give it to the RC and or Karsadia Coordinator.
  2. NO cybering in public and no heavy sexual conduct all that should be in pm or on ICQ or MSN. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, holding each other, being on the lap, and such is fine. WHAT is not fine it explicit activity like touching the nipples, pussy and the like in public. NO CYBER RAPING.
  3. CERTAINLY No Forced RP.
  4. All player chars need to be vision or  core DND/ADND.  If they are not they need to be preapproved by the  Karsadian Coordinator first.  And we are strict about this. DND and Vision are now used. DND spells come from only one source and some of the spells will be banned which a page of thoses banned spells will be provided. DND list
  5. If you come in with anon tags you are given one warning .. you may ask in pm to the RC (ask first in open if you may pm) if you can stay that way or just be nice and take a name .. or you will be booted.

Sparring Rules

(written by Marty Ford ; edited and approved by Queen Anastacia )

Spar Rules (This includes honour spars & sport spars)


Force posting: Simply put, a post that states your actions as well as how the opponent reacts.

Example: Jimmy says to Michal: *I kick you in the back of your knees and you drop face forward in the mud.*

God Modding: Ignoring an opponents posts or not dealing/taking actions fairly. In other words, if the opponent posts hoping to slash your arm, please make some response to it. And be fair people. We are all grown ups here, I think we can determine what is fair on our own. In addition to that, one can not simply be an all powerful being or the strongest of all. Those who have been members longer will obviously know and be capable of more than those that have been here not so long.

Speed Posting: What this means is please give the opponent time to react. Generally, 10 min is a fair amount of time. 10 min to account for possible bootings, reloads, or restarting of computers. Again, try and be fair with this. Do not simply drop a spar because the opponent is having trouble responding. Either call it a draw and finish it another time, or declare a winner fairly.


~Magicks and supernatural powers are recognized in Karsadia. To a degree however. One can not be an all powerful god unless the character is an NPC and part of an approved role play. One can not have unlimited strength and power. Everyone grows weak and tired at some point in time. Yes even a God would grow weary. Being fair is the same as being realistic. Please, when posting in a spar, take the opponents previous actions into account and judge for your self what is fair.

~Judges, please judge fairly. Do not favor one over another just because you are friends or what have you. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the role play.

~Please, no dirty fighting. An action such as throwing sand in the opponents face to blind them is accepted, but do not go crazy with it. Do not underestimate your opponents. Some may find it insulting, but also you never know what your opponent may have up their sleeves. Please treat each other as equals during spars. Spars are something to have fun.


~The least amount of posts in a spar is 3, however, a spar of up to perhaps 8 or even 10 posts will be allowed if the opponents and judges agree. At times it may even go higher than this, depending on the spar.

~Again, no force posting/speed posting/god modding.

~Each post must have 3 actions. These actions can be a various combination of magicks, defensives, offensives, attacks, blocks, picking up weapons... The list goes on.

Example: Jimmy says to Michal: *1. I knock away your slash with my shield. 2. Then stab out with my own sword hoping to stab you in the arm. 3. If the hit is taken I cast ((some kind of spell)) hoping it works.* Something along those lines would be acceptable.

NON-FORCE POST KEYWORDS : toward, to, if accepted, attempt to, hopes to, if acknowledged,


Some magick can increase the number of actions you can take per post and if so you do need to put it in the first post at the beginning that it has been activated if it is.

Magick does take time 1 action for minor, 2 actions for moderate, 3 actions for major and supreme take a full post to cast.

Don t forget to count your mana it may determine if you are able to cast again or not. All beginning chars have 200 mana plus 15 mana each month. There are ways for this to grow but it takes time and or spells and items.

200 per year r/t added.

RC= start with 1000 mana plus 15 for every month they are on Karsadia

And 200 per year r/t on Karsadia

Realm Council: 500 added

Council for any room: 750 plus 15 for every month they are on Karsadia and 200 per year r/t on Karsadia

Titled for any room : 500 plus 15 for every month on Karsadia and 200 per year r/t on Karsadia

Regulars: 200 plus 15/month on Karsadia and 200 per year r/t on Karsadia

Honorary: 200 mana


if you use a power, you must state it in full. In addition, if that power has an energy cost, it must be included in the listing as well. Examples include:

Bob says to Dave, 'in getting ready for the spar Bob casts (Time/Moderate/Accelerate/20 mana) boosted for three rounds to gain an additional action each round.'


5. NO ONE POST DEATHS. Most rooms are Limited or No Kill zones. And none will allow one post kills.


Please, if you believe there to be some problem with the spar, notify the judges in PM/MSN/ICQ. And judges, if you see a problem please do the same to notify those who are sparring. To post it in the open OOC would be disrupting the role play. We are here to enjoy the time we are rping in the rooms.

Last but not least

  1. Multiple players fighting: If the attackers are NPC... like one char, but posts for several attackers, then blanket post. If they are several actual chars, then post to each one.

And the attackers should give fair time to respond due to comp problems and connection problems and the speed we type. (5 min allowance)

If they attack one player and then there are two the one on two can have 6 action while the others have 3 each base.

If multiple players fighting. NPC /attacker first blanket post, each of the player defenders, then NPC/attacker next blanket post and so on. Should it start one on one make it by sparring rules. Only when there are 3 or more players against one does it go to blanket posts.







Raiding rules (only if the room accepts it)

1. Use common sense to ascertain there are no overwhelming odds. More specifically, no room with less than two Warriors will be raided.

2. In the case of smaller groups wishing to attack and combine forces, all raiding will add the word Raider to log-in name when Entering.

3. Close quarters combat is what is greatly appreciated most of all. Such weapons may be used during the actual combat so long as not done excessively and must be done realistically.

4. Remember, when in the confusion of close quarters combat, it is likely that you could end up hitting your own people (if looked upon realistically). Also it would take a post to load and aim the weapon.

5. All other secondary weapons need not be listed but must be accountable and realistic if a Leader makes inquiry.

6. Magick can not be any higher than moderate in a raid.

7. NOTE that Leaders will be responsible for keeping the raids to a reasonable time period (15-20 mins).

8. No killing or permanently disabling blows will be accepted during raids. If such blows are struck, their impact should be minimized rather than ignored as to not interrupt the flow of the battle. Magick should be kept to no higher than moderate level.

9. Posts should be kept as short as possible to maintain the flow of battle.

10. Be realistic in thy posts.

11. The King and Queen will deal with blatant disregard of rules if possible. If not, we know where it will lead.

12. Individual homes may feel free to test new concepts between an agreeable homes in order to develop better or more realistic raids. But bare in mind this is only between the two agreeing camps. Do not simply spring something new out of left field on an opponent and expect them to acknowledge it.

13. Keep everything realistic including means of attack. Naturally we can not maintain the time clock in travelling from place to place. However... studying the maps and layouts of an opponent is required to avoid unrealistic occurrences

14. one does not simply charge into a Castle. They must deal with the gate and Guards. One does not simply ride into a camp and run into the Leader s hut as if it were the first hut closest to the main gateway to the camp. Do some scouting and reading of webpages. Much work went into these. Use them!

15. It is understood that during the confusion of battle... posts will unavoidably be missed from time to time. However, do try to acknowledge or defend against blows, bearing in mind what may be realistically possible.

World of Randomness

In the world of randomness I have made it so you do not always win your spells don't always go off and your arrow does not always hit its target. How?

If you are doing a spell that is an attack to another char or area effect. All people will now be odd for the timestamp to decide if it went off or not by the last number if its odd like 3,5,7,9 and you picked odd it goes off the higher the number the better the spell worked.
0's and 00's are automatic sucesses
1's and 11's are automatic fail plus if working on something it back fires or hits your own party.

That is for situations and for spell effects. If you are a master in that spell grouping then your chances of getting the spell off is always or doubled the chance another who does not have the specialization to do so.

Willpower. After a spell of the mind is cast and passed the one that is attacked has a chance to have enough willpower to stop the attack to his mind either by wearing an amulet of protection (( which really should be rare and for asgard most the higher council do have one but don't always wear them)) or your will power is high enough to fight off the spell so you get a chance with a high or low or a odd.

Arrows and Projectile weapons:
Masters of the craft only miss or near miss on a 1 or a 2 and if we go by crits they are 7,8.9.0 ( Norda, Arwen and Jiriki would be here)
Advanced miss on a 1, 2, 3 and crit or call shot on 8,9, 0 ( ex. Ana and Rangers here)
Intermediate miss on a 1,2,3,4 crit on a 9, 0 (Crysaria and a most people here)
Starting miss on a 1,2,3,4,5 crit on a 0 (learning or new people here)

1's hit your own or break your bow string unless its magickal then you get a chance not to

Last but not least if you are going after a group and you wish randomness in sword fighting and they are npcs you are pc they get a chance to kick your butt this way: just put in for the same as above in the Arrows and Projectile weapons on both sides.