About Me
    My name is Alam.  I am 19 years old.  I am in New York City 
Technical College.  My major is Computer Information System.
I like to design web sites, maintain it, and and surf the internet. I also
like to create graphics and animations.  But right now, I am taking
course in programming.  Such as Visual Basics.

Most important thing in my life are:
The most important thing in life is having a good family.  I am lucky 
to have someone cares about me, loves me, and supports me. I also think 
education is something of great significance in life.  

My greatest Moments of Happiness:
    When I graduated from High School, I was very happy. Then it seems like
they sky was raining joy! My parents, friends and teachers were very proud 
of me. I was much more excited then they all were because I graduated with 
a respectable average. Also when I got my Gold Medal in Chemistry and the
Presidential award signed by Bill Clinton.

Some of my dreams are:
    I want to become a computer engineer, a programmer, and excellent web 
designer. One day I want to have happy, loving family of my own. I want to 
be a person who will be respected in the society and remembered after my 

    If you want to get information about me email at these addresses be sure to
leave your name and tell me specifically what you want to know and why?