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June 9, 2000   

* Thanks from the help of Hot Chocolate, Lord Razor: Angel Of War, and Nick Cazabon, the discography section is now complete!! Great Work!!   

 Father Domenico : "If you would be kind... Would you tell us, where did we fail?"  The Goat laughed, spoke three words, and vanished. "God is Dead." 
         &nbs p;            &n bsp;         
-James Blish, Black Easter -

June 2,  2000   

* Wake the DEAD!!!!!!!  Finally, I have a new web page up and running (no thanks to Angelfire who tore down my first website for NO REASON!!!).  I do hope you enjoy your stay in Blade's Realm, for it is the last thing you see before you PERISH!!!!   

(Whispered) Touch the snow...  Caress the lifeless sculptures...  DIE!!!!!!!!! 
  -Dissection, Where Dead Angels Lie-
* A lot of new photos in the Live Photos section   

May 27, 2000   

* I have gotten really much mail this week, and I am trying to put up the stuff you are sending as fast as I can. You guys out there is doing a great job sending me photos and info, thanks for all the help. I will do my best to keep this site #1 on the web.   

* Here's a picture of me when I'm working the "Night Shift".   
* Update in Links section    

May 25, 2000   

* Update in the Interview section.   

* Randy Donais, Derek Smith, Shaun McNerney,  and Chris Moore, please do all of Chatham a favor: die painfully and Burn In HELL!!!!!   

May 24, 2000   

*It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!  I think I'll go get drunk and listen to Dissection and the Insane Clown Posse!!! 

* Update in the Discography section.   

May 9, 2000   

* Samples page is down temporarily.   

* New link section.   

* New lyrics and some info about bootlegs in the Discography section.   

May 4, 2000   
Night haunts, and evil lurks in every corner ;  Like a plague it's spreading, I behold ; Lonliness, yet with you autumn .   
*Sources tell me that Jon is being held in the Tidaholm prison in Sweden, so if anybody's got some good old TNT in their backpack, that is the place to use it. Thanks to Thomas for this information. I will be back with more on this soon, hail to the Majestic, Satanic, Metal of Death!   

April 29, 2000   

* Today I have created a spin-off of the official Dissection page, my name is Blade Jericho, Angel Of Death and I will try to keep this page up to date and give it some more sections to choose from. Jeff Brubaker who has done a great job making and updating his site for such a long time has now stepped down from the throne, and has passed his page on to some other guy who has numerous spelling mistakes, and wrong documentations on his page.  I am a MAJOR fan of Dissection (thanks to Kris Ryken) and decided to take matters into my own hands.  As you all know Jon is stuck in prison and news from the Dissection scene is f**king hard to find, but I garunDAMNtee that I can dig up some news for all the loyal Dissection fans out there.   

* Some new pics up in the Live Photos section.   

February 10, 2000   

* It's been a long time since I've updated this page. I'll probably move things around a bit in the next few weeks, but I am on a (slow) start back into the whole web page thing right now. Anyway, here's what's new in the sort-of Dissection world:   

* I got the latest Swordmaster today, Moribund Transgoria, featuring Jon Nodveidt's brother, Emil. I'm just checking it out right now, but it's supposed to be good.   

* I noticed Dissection has been taken off Nuclear Blast America's website under the bands section. I checked on Nuclear Blast Germany's website as well, but things have changed and I don't see any dedicated band information, only individual discs. Oh well, had to happen sometime.   

* I do not have information on contacting Jon. I wish I did, but I don't even know where he is being held in Sweden. If anyone would like to share this with me, that'd be kick arse!   

* "Reaper" has been renamed to "Soulreaper," which sounds suspiciously like a track off Storm of the Light's Bane. They apparently already released their album, "Written in Blood," in Europe. We have to wait until March 7th. Soulreaper features Johan Norman and Tobias Kjellgren of Dissection fame as well as Christoffer Hjerte'n and Mikael Lang. Here's a few links to some Soulreaper information:   

Olde News   

August 7, 1998   

* The Swedish courts announced that Vlad has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Jon 8 years.   

May 28, 1998   

* Today the court announced that it will sentence Jon and Vlad for murder or complicity in murder. The final sentence will depend on the psychiatric examination.   

August 5, 1998   

* I now have a translation of the CNN article available here.&a mp;n bsp;  

July 5, 1998    

* CORRECTION! That news last week is not correct - Jon did NOT plead guilty, but admitted to it in one form or  another outside of the trial, perhaps when questioned by the police. The problem with getting good sources, I am told, is that some of the Swedish newspapers are more like tabloids - and they really like the satanist stories. The actual, legitimate, confirmed by CNN news is that Jon and Vlad are accusing each other! Jon also admitted to holding the victim after Vlad shot him with the electric gun. For what it's worth, the victim's name is Josef Ben Maddour.    

Again, thanks to Nightshade for contributing the news.    

April 31, 1998    

* The trial started Tuesday, April 28, 1998. Doesn't look good - Jon and Vlad pleaded guilty to the murder. Their story is that they had been partying for two days, when a 37 year old Algerian homosexual approached them and inquired about occultism, wanting to be a satanist. His manners disgusted Vlad and Jon, so they fetched a pistol,  an electric shock weapon,  amphetamine,  and some beer from Jon's apartment (those Swedes love their alcohol as much as they like having their health and beauty spas!!). Vlad gave him three shocks, in an effort to "silence" him. This didn't work, so they tried to beat him up. The Algerian turned to run away, but Jon shot him once in the back and once in the head.    

Thanks to Nightshade for contributing the news.    

March 31, 1998    

* Rumor has been circulating that Dissection is going to release another CD despite Jon's problems with the law. I have heard that he posted bail and finished a CD, and that it was almost done before being arrested.  Now, from reliable sources, I have heard that they had recorded a mini CD beforehand, and it will be released in the future! I will make sure to update this page whenever I hear anything else.    

Live Photo of Jon Nodtveidt 1997   

* The prosecutor has to bring action against Nödtveidt no later than April 9th.   

Jon Nodtveidt of Dissection has been arrested for Murder! The story goes like this... In July, Jon and a guy named Vlad from the Swedish underground ran into an Algerian homosexual and shot him in the back of the head, mafia style. Vlad is also wanted for murdering and mutilating a teenage girl. Jon hasn't admitted to anything except owning a gun, but it still looks bad for him - he is likely to get 10 or 20 years for this.   

In case you're curious, Vlad is pretty f**ked up. He was caught after beating up his girlfriend (who turned him in). A few years back, he (and possibly Jon too) threatened a bunch of people in the Swedish scene a including IT of Abruptum. IT ended up leaving the scene after after his sister and her children were threatened. The word is that Jon has been following this guy around the last few years, and there's a good chance that Jon will be connected in some way. Looks like The Past is Alive might be their last album after all.

Many thanks to Jeff Brubaker  for starting this page -

 Razor Fleischbrenner, Angel Of War -

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