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Mountain Board Tricks

Hey everyone! I was on the net last night when I found out there are no mountainboard tricks pages that tell you anything. So this page is designed to help any one who wants to be able to pull off tricks. I will keep on adding tricks and crap as long as you keep coming to my sight.

This is an indy grab. All you have to do is grab the back of your board on the frontside. This isn't to difficult to do just remenber to get enough air.

This is a 50/50 grind. A grind is when one slides across a pole or another object on one's trucks. To do one you have to find a pretty big pole for a mountain board then just get a lot of speed, remeber the faster you go the farther you grind and the harder you slam, jump on the pole and make sure that both trucks are straight and keep your body slightly bent and parellel to the ground. It helps to look at the middle of the board to keep your balancd.

This is a method. A method is one of the more advanced tricks. However this is not a good picture of a method so it may look a lot different. It involves you pulling your board back so it is almost parellel to the to your butt. You then grab it with your front hand. You'll need lots of air for this trick because there is so much movement. Good luck!