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Information and Registration

Climbing Environment

     Although every precaution is taken to ensure your safety, the courses are very demanding and take place in a dangerous mountain environment that involves inherent risks and dangers that are beyond human control. Climbing in sub-zero temperatures and inclement weather can be expected. No experience is necessary but you must accept these risks and be able to carry a heavy backpack in mountainous terrain.

Climbing Location

     High Ice Ak is located in Anchorage Alaska with the Chugach Mountains in our backyard. The Gach are filled with deep ice-choked canyons, alpine snow couloirs and high glaciated peaks; the ice climbers paradise. All courses are conducted in the Gach. With over 15 years of local climbing experience, High Ice Ak knows where the ice is.

Personal Responsibility

     You are responsible for providing your own climbing gear and clothing (see equipment list for each course), food, local lodging, transportation, parking fees if any, your own safety, current medical and evacuation insurance, medical costs, cost of rescues and show up physically fit and in good health with a positive attitude for learning.


     Safety is extremely important and we strive to be as safe as possible but your safety is not guaranteed. A skilled alpinist understands that true safety comes from evaluating the root of each hazard for their decision-making. It is up to you to realize that climbing is dangerous and accept the risks. Do not participate in the course if you believe it is perfectly safe or if you believe that someone is guaranteeing your safety. Absolutely "NO" alcoholic beverages or illicit drug use before or during your course or trip. If for any reason High Ice Ak feels you are unsafe, you will be terminated immediately from the course with "No Refund".

Refund and Cancellation Policy

     You are required to pay in full before the start of your course. Price is for instruction only. If you must cancel your course / trip for any reason, you must give at least 48-hour notice and a 10% fee will be applied on all payments. If for any reason High Ice Ak must cancel your course / trip before starting it, you will receive a 100% refund on your payment(s) for the course only, "NOT" to include any personal expenses, including but not limited to; airfare, hotel, rental car, food, insurance, etc. High Ice Ak reserves the right to disqualify any student because of their unsafe acts and / or medical reasons with "No Refund". Cancellation of or parts of courses because of weather or avalanches will be pro-rated.

Registration Information

     You will be required to complete a Registration Form with medical information and sign an Assumption of Risks and Release of Liability for registration into your course. A 10% deposit is required with your application with the balance due and payable before the start of your course. References are available at the asking. For more information and to register, please contact by email.



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