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Alpine Ice

      The 3-day course designed to develop strong fundamental skills in all aspects of alpine ice and snow climbing. Rope management, belaying, rappelling, ice axe and crampon use, self-arresting, protection, anchors, glacier camping and travel. A highly demanding course but its rewards are significant.

Price: $500 - Plus parking and access fee's when they apply
Date: Sept-May


     Day 1: Meet at a specified place and have mandatory equipment check and discuss safety. Drive to trailhead (30-45 minutes) then begin our approach into the climbing area (2-3 hours). Discuss the hazards of the area and set up a proper camp. Learn the fundamentals of basic snow climbing skills. After dinner we will review the days training and discuss hazards, equipment and practice knot tying.

The Days Objectives

     Day 2: Up early. The morning will be spent on moving safely on steeper icy terrain. After dinner we will spend time in camp reviewing the days training, knot tying and discussing reading the terrain. At your request, the night can be spent in a bivi camp / snow cave.

The Days Objectives:

     Day 3: Up early one more time. The morning will be used to cover glacier rescue systems with lots of practice. After lunch we cover parts of a glacier, route finding and basic glacier travel. Pack up camp and hike out.

The Days Objectives:


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