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Welcome to Alaska

Hello future Alaskans! We know that most of you have probably never been to, or lived in Alaska. But fortunately for you we know how you feel. And we wanted to give you a little insight into Alaskan life for both teenagers and kids. Unfortunately for you, we have not lived here all our lives so we are not all knowing on the subject. But, we will try to help as much as we possibly can. This web site will be dedicated to giving you enough information to make you comfortable when you get to Alaska. There will be links for interests, cultural sites, and most important school. Keep in mind that we built this site for you. So, if you have any problems or questions please feel free to e-mail us or any of our friends listed on the list below.

Friendly people to E-mail for info.

Links to help you

Another page with pictures of Alaska
Things to keep you occupied in Anchorage
Things you might want or need to know about Bartlett
Bartlett High School Website
List of Anchorage Schools and links to their websites... (a part of the Anchorage School District Page)