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2001 Race Car Construction

Motor Work

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Construction began here,

actually here ...

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and ended here with Rick connecting the distrubutor.

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"Freight train passing the mule.....going to the front in '01"

Scroll down to see this beast being built.

Garage Work

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Todd, Chuck, and Rick Cherry, Engine Development Group, building the back up motor.

Block work by M & M Machine, Edinburgh, IN.

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Installing the pistons and crank

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Valve covers on and ready to swing into place.

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Ogie was called in for the heavy work and his expertise.

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The fit is perfect!  Precision work by Up Front Chassis allows this motor to fit right in, no surprises!

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Todd's geting excited about the possibilities, finish up whats left before the Bert Trans. arrives.

car7.jpg (37461 bytes)

Just about ready to turn it loose.

- End -

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