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David Richardson Memorial

Vermillion County Speedway, Danville, IL.

    TGR welcomes Joey Gonzalez Artistic Landscape of Columbus, IN. into our racing family.  Thanks for you're support in our efforts at VCS this weekend, were glad to have you on board.



Pulled in, set up, and a little pre-race strategy, with Wayne Tate joining us tonight.

Jamie and Rick getting the car ready to roll.


Pre race inspection, and looking at us close under the eyes of Gary Herbert.

- above and below -



Rick was making sure they knew their rules, but we had to make some slight modifications to the roof width and bumper bar, otherwise ready to roll.

             Turn #2                            

                            Turn 3 into 4.           

We didn't win this night but had a good time and was pleased with how the car ran earlier in the evening,  We had some satisfaction with finishing second in our Heat race and knowing we out ran some very good cars.  If not for being taken out in the Feature we felt we had a legitimate shot for at least a top five finish, maybe a win?  Be sure to view more of this evening pictures on Danville Race Photo's 2 and 3.        ... For Danville Race Photo's Pg. 2.


MM21 Motor Sports Management

Joey Gonzalez Artistic Landscape of Columbus, IN.