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Pictures From the Past

Pics 5

richmondmodwin99.gif (41765 bytes)    19b5a.jpg (22537 bytes)

First Richmond Modified Win, 1999.            Brownstown Dash Win in '98.

btown99modwin.gif (25531 bytes)    32mod99.jpg (19680 bytes)

        The last Feature Winner of 1999.           Troy Burton's #32 Modified.

32modontrack.jpg (12537 bytes)

Our First Ride in the #32, proved to be good for both Todd and Troy.

modwin1.jpg (18841 bytes)    modwin1b.jpg (16656 bytes)

This Last Win of 1997 won us that year's UMP Track Points Championship.

19modshow.jpg (15547 bytes)    19lmred.jpg (12557 bytes)

Our First Modified  and the 1988 Late Model which Won Todd Gilpin the Late Model Rookie of the Year Title.

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