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Brownstown, IN


UMP Modified Racing in 2005

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Vallonia, IN.


North Vernon, IN


Upcoming Events

Feb 12 - 13, 2005 ... Velousia Speedway Park, Barberville, FL,

     - Race Weeks 2005

          - 1/2 mi, semi banked, dirt oval.

Feb 15 - 19th, 2005 ...: East Bay Raceway Park, Tampa, FL,

     - 5th Annual OPEN WHEEL MODIFIED WINTER NATIONALS, Info. available, click this link.

          - 3/8 mi, low banked, dirt oval.

April 2, 2005 .... Clarksville Speedway, TN.,

     - $5,000. to Win Open Wheel Modified Featured Event.

          - 1/4 mi, semi banked, clay oval.





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 For News and Information on DEVIN, "FASTMAN JR", CLICK HERE.

Dec 15, 2004 ..... Added: New '05 Construction Pictures.

Dec 1, 2004 ..... Events for 2005 are not known at this time but, what we have scheduled to date is this .....

     - Were going back to UMP Modified Racing in 2005, running for UMP National Points,

     - FastMan and Cherry Family Racing and their Sponsors have teamed up to build a new UMP Modified on a Performance Chassis with Dasco Race Fabrication supplied body, competition parts and components.

     - We'll all be in Florida in February for the Speedweeks and the Modified Winter Nationals.

     - Added, Clarksville Raceway, Clarksville, TN.  April 2nd. event, UMP (?) Modifieds $5,000 to Win!



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Nov. 11, 2004



WildSide Signs and Race Graphics

Vallonia, IN.



  Upcoming Events

     2004 Car Info. Monte Carlo Super Stock


Sep 18th ... Went racing with Devin "FastMan JR" tonight at Twin Cities Raceway, click HERE to go to Devin's area on this page.


Sep 3rd ... FastMan is not going to be running at Brownstown this weekend and it looks like the Super Stock racing era is over for the 119 Team of TGR.  FastMan and crew will be focusing on preparing the new 2004 Performance Chassis for competition in the remaining UMP Modified events of 2004, after this car is completed.  Details will be announced as they develop.  We'll see you at the World 100.


Aug 28th ... Twin Cities Raceway, Indiana Super Stocks.

Rained Out!  We all spent the early part of Saturday getting the car ready for the nights event at Twin Cities, but about 2 PM the rain came and didn't end till early evening.  Twin Cities cancelled the nights event and a make up date has not, as yet, been posted? September 18th. is the scheduled final night of racing for Super Stocks at Twin Cities.

We plan to race at Brownstown Speedway on September 4th. for the Super Stock and re scheduled Bomber Special Event. All of the team members will be attending the World 100 at Eldora SpW., OH over the weekend of Sep. 10,11 and 12th. (not racing) then racing at Twin Cities on September 4th.


Aug. 27th ... Union County Speedway, UMP Modifieds.

FastMan traveled to Union County for the nights events in Don's 119 Modified.  During the heat race Todd noticed the water temperature was too high to continue so he pulled her off the track.  Don and crew spent some time examining the engine to see if it could be corrected, but could not find anything they could take care of at the track.  They called it a night and finished watching the events before heading home.

It is yet to be decided when the next time Todd will be in that 119 Mod. but hopefully soon?  When the Super Stock season ends that will create more opportunities for Todd to drive this Dasco 119 Modified to another win.  We'll keep you posted on the developments as they are decided.


Aug 21st, 2004 ... Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN

FastMan finished second in both his Heat and Feature race tonight at Thunder-Valley Raceway.  It was a tough Feature event with FastMan starting second to Lee Hobbs and running second the entire race.  FastMan was able to get up to the door panels on Hobbs car but was not quite able to make the pass.  An early race collision with another driver caused rear quarter panel damage to the 119 possibly slowing the car and hampering Todd's ability to make that pass for the win? Hobbs is a good driver and had a fast car so even this second place finish was an accomplishment considering that Brady Short was right behind FastMan and running well himself.

This coming week, on Friday, we plan to attend White Water Raceway, Union County, IN for the $1,000. to win Modified race in this same #119 Dasco Race Fabrication, WildSide Signs, MM21 Motor Sports UMP Modified. Then Saturday night it'll be Twin Cities Raceway in the 119 Indiana Super Stock for another shot at our first win of 2004 in this car.  Todd's been running better and better at Twin Cities and won his last Modified race at White Water, so it could possibly be a double Feature win weekend for FastMan? It's possible and if so would make it the second time in three weeks that FastMan has won double Features in the same weekend.

Wish us luck and we'll see you at the track this weekend.


Aug 19th:

Todd and the Team got behind in that engine change and will not be ready for Brownstown's Jackson 100 weekend.  Saturday night, Aug. 21st., "FastMan" will be racing Don Fleetwood's #119 UMP Modified at Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN.  "FastMan" will be going for the second win in a row there in the valley and if you're not there to join us then you should be.


Aug 16, 2003: Thunder-Valley Raceway, Union County SpW., Twin Cities Raceway.

FastMan had been on a roll going into Twin Cities Saturday Aug 14th. having won Feature events at Thunder-Valley Raceway on Aug. 7th and Union County SpW. on Aug 13th.  Both these wins were in the 119 Dasco Race Fabrication, WildSide Signs, MM21 Motor Sports supported UMP Modified of Donnie Fleetwood.  The TVR win was FastMan's second there and his first Feature win at Union County.

At Twin Cities on Aug 14th. FastMan transferred to the Feature Event through the conse after spinning out in his heat race and moving to the back with only one laps to go.  Todd was leading the heat race with pressure from the second and third place cars coming out of turn four for the white flag when the 119 Super Stock got loose while he was trying to move low and block those behind him. The car jumped loose and spun faster than Todd could react collecting the second and third place drivers for which he sends his apologies.

In the Feature event the starting spot for the 119 was in the back and FastMan could just not get it to hook up enough to move forward.  There was some close side by side and three wide racing with FastMan and those around him, but with just a few laps remaining, POOF / WHAM, the engine blew and locked up. The damage to the engine was terminal and we'll have to pull it and replace it with the back up for the next event.

The plans for the weekend of Aug 20th and 21st. are uncertain as yet, were looking at racing at Brownstown both Friday and Saturday night?  Friday night in the 119 Super Stock then Saturday night in the 119 Modified?  These plans are tentative and we'll post the event and dates above when and if they are decided.

We hope you got to see the new colors on the 119 this weekend and if not there are some pictures posted on our photo page for you.  We were all excited about the new body by Dasco Race Fabrication and lettering by WildSide signs.  They both did a great job and we recommend them to anyone who would like a professional job done at an affordable price.

Thanks to all that helped this past weekend and visited us at the track. We appreciate you're support and look forward to seeing you at the track again and soon.


Aug 7, 2004:  Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN

FastMan took the wheel tonight in Donnie Fleetwood's #119 UMP Modified  at Thunder-Valley Raceway and drove her to his first Feature Win of 2004.

Todd drew the outside front row of his Heat Race and Donnie had the car set up so well that Todd was able to pull away and lead flag to flag.  An excellent run for the driver and car as it was smooth and fast around every corner of this bull ring of a track. 

Todd said they didn't do allot to the car to prepare it for the Feature, they felt that the 119 was going to run even better in the cooler temperatures later that evening as it was.

Again on the outside front row for the Feature Event starting position the car did just that, the 119 ran even better.  Todd was able to grab the lead position from the get go, lead throughout and power her on to the win! Todd has had a Modified Feature Win here at Thunder-Valley in the past but this Feature Win was his first in 2004 and it was fun!

FastMan wants to thank Donnie for the opportunity to driver this Dasco Race Fabrication / WildSide Signs #119 UMP Modified, he really enjoyed it and looks forward to doing it again, and soon.  (Note: Bardstown, KY, Dirt Track World Championship, $3,000. to Win Modified event later this season.)

This week we have a weekly event at Twin Cities Raceway where we are third in points and running up front more and more as the season progresses.  Were hoping to have a change in the car to debut and a Super Stock Feature win to chase. Todd and Rick will be working hard to complete the car by Saturday so be sure to stop by, check the car out and wish us luck.

Thanks for visiting and we'll see you at Twin Cities.


July 31, 2004: Twin Cities Raceway, IN.

FastMan and Rick were not able to begin tearing down the car as the replacement parts were not available yet so they decided to go ahead and run Twin Cities tonight.

FastMan began his Heat race on the third row inside with some tough competition to beat.  At the green flag with only ten laps to do it in FastMan put the pedal to the floor and drove her deep into turn one through turn two then shot past two cars to take third.  The car was running very well and was fast, hooking up rubber to dirt down the straights and hard into the turns, the car rolling beautifully in and out.  The problem was that Jerry Adams and Mike Fields was running well also and both very fast. Third is where FastMan ran for the remaining nine laps of this race, qualifying for the Feature.

Todd came in with a big smile on his face and every one was excited about what the Feature had in store.  There was plenty of time to work on the car to tweek it for some added speed and get it prepare it for the big show.

The 119 lined up seventh for the Feature and was ready to go when the green flag flew.  FastMan again drover her deep into turn one and out of two to move up two positions before crossing the start/finish line.  FastMan was smooth on the wheel and fast .... bad fast gaining two more positions by lap ten.  On lap twelve Todd was right on the tail of Tim Clark, in second, and thought he could of passed him but got loose in turn three falling three car lengths behind. Here Todd ran behind Fields and Tim Clark for the remainder of the race to finish third on the night.

Todd and the entire team was thrilled with the nights running, Rick and Rick Jr. had the car right and Todd was in the groove so it was good all around.  The duo of Fields and Clark are hard to beat anytime an tonight they were on top of their game, just a notch better then us and that made the difference.

Good night at Twin Cities.  FastMan moved into third place in points couple weeks back and maintains that position after tonight event.  We got a ways to go to beat Matt Fields in the points, probaly won't, but to beat him on the track this season will be a victory were all working towards.

Great runs from Fields, Adams and Clark tonight, it's a test of a teams success to be able to run up front with those three at Twin Cities.  Congratulations to Mike Fields on his win tonight.

Again, we'll be working on a change with the 119 for the Twin Cities event on  Aug 14th. so be there and see if you can spot what were talking about.  See you then.


July 29, 2004: Weekly Event, Brownstown Speedway, IN.

Pulled into Brownstown with a new driver for the 119 tonight and that'd be TROY Gilpin.  Troy had been wanting to drive a night and FastMan decided that this Thursday night Fair Race would be a good time to break him of that desire:)

We set the car up and Troy took her out for Hot Laps for the first time in twenty years!  First time for he ever ran with a Bert transmission even so just pulling out to get onto the track proved tricky for him, killed it a couple of times, we were all rollin.

Hot laps, qualifying and his heat race were pretty good for him, considering.  He was good down the straight-aways but the corners were tough, that'd take some practice.  Troy qualified third from last and finished last in his Heat, but he was brave enough to get out in front of all those people and try it.  I believe that if he would have some seat time he'd do well enough?  Who knows, he might do great?  But the 119 seat belongs to FastMan, but it was fun.

For the Conse, Troy wanted to step out and let Todd run it but elected to almost at the last minute which necessitated a hurried driver change. Here's where we dropped the ball.  I was suppose to notify track officials of the change but while walking off heard Todd say he would do it himself, guess what?  Todd was talking about something else to someone else so the track officials didn't know of the change.

Todd was directed to line up in the next to last row on the outside, which he thought was his, not Troy's assigned starting spot.  At the green flag FastMan shot towards the front passing three cars during the first lap and moved steadily through the field up to third.  Then the yellow came out for a caution and at this time the track officials had figured out that it wasn't Troy in the car, but Todd.  The penalty was to send the 119 to the back of the field:(!

We all later decided that was when FastMan should of pulled off the track as an accident would sure to collect him back there.  FastMan was thinking that he could still come from the back to at least qualify for the Feature so stayed in the lineup.  Well, the accident happened and collected FastMan, ripping allot of sheet metal, bending the leaf spring and some other damage. FastMan pulled in, didn't finish. We were all disappointed in the way the night ended but decided to collect things up and work on the car over the next two weeks, readying for the second half of the season. 

There's a change in the appearance of the 119 coming up, be at Twin Cities Aug. 14th to see what I mean.  Were not going to say in advance, but will show photo's here after Twin Cities.


July 17, 2004: Weekly Event, Twin Cities Raceway, IN.

Todd and Team had a good night as far as the car drove, best it had for weeks.  Todd began his Heat Race on the tail and was able to drive her to the front to finish second.  Then in the Feature, Race FastMan ran second to Matt Fields until about five laps to go when he made contact with Matt and spun the 119 sideways:(  Coming to a stop then falling back deep into the field that was the end of the night for FastMan.  He loaded her up and headed home.

Todd said he wasn't disappointed with the results as he was having a lot of fun running with Matt and felt that if he could of gotten around him, he could of won it?  It's always much more fun and rewarding when you are able to run with the leaders and in place to be a contender for the win.

Ricks got that engine dialed in and once the stars align we'll get that win.  Todd wants to thank those who have helped crew the car, tonight and in the recent past. It makes the racing more enjoyable to have quality help available.

Were taking next week off, unofficially.  We might be at Thunder Valley in Salem Wednesday night and work up a ride? We'll watch Devin race anyway, maybe?  He (Devin) hopes so! 

Our next scheduled race will be the Super Stocks at Jackson County Fair Race, Brownstown SpW., Thursday July 29th.  We hope to see you there and you see us with the checkered flag?  We'll be working for it till then.


July 2, 3 and 4th, 2004:  UMP Modified Blowout, Florence SpW., KY.

     - July 2nd. 2004:  Modified Blowout Preliminary Event.

The Dasco Racing Team, with FastMan Todd Gilpin driving, arrived at the track ready to go.  Todd, Don, Mason and FastMan JR. worked on getting the car set for track conditions prior to qualifying then relaxed a little prior to the start.  FastMan qualified the 119 21st with a time of 17.900 placing him on the second (?) row for their Heat Race. 

During this qualifying race, the 119 was fast and loose on this tacky fast race track making for a exciting run for Todd.  While spending the first few laps getting the handle for the car, Todd fell back two spots by three laps into the event. At around lap six Todd had began to move forward and gain on those in front, making his way to second behind Joey Kramer.  Fighting off challenges for that second position FastMan held on to finish second and claim his place in the Feature, for $1,000 to win.

Other than changing the tires to a harder compound little was done other than general fine tuning to prepare the car for this Main Event.  Starting eighth, FastMan was able to hold his position for several laps before moving forward two positions at lap marker 5 of this 30 lap event.  After a lead car fell out and another spun and moved back, FastMan gained two more positions moving into the top ten.  Running with Hamstra, Kramer and Vaughn FastMan felt like he was in control and gaining speed as more and more laps clicked off.  Todd was able to move the 119 into the top five with five laps to go when "BANG", the transmission had broken and this show was over for the 119 team tonight. Pretty disappointing for the crew, we were hoping to finish this race there in the top five?  Maybe a win?  Todd felt like it was possible he could of at least been in a position to win, but it wasn't to be tonight. Todd was credited with a 20th place finish.

This race tonight had the Don and crew feeling like there was a good chance of a win before the weekend was over, at least good finishes?  It's a tough field here this weekend, some of the best in the country with past and current National Champions, so to be able to compete with them tonight was gratifying to us all.  On to Saturday and $2,000. to win.

     - July 3rd. 2004:  Modified Blowout Preliminary Event.

Coming off the good night last night, spirits were high and the optimism was too as we expected an even better run barring any problems.  Qualifying was much slower then Friday as the dry conditions had made for dry slick conditions as times during qualifications showed.  Todd qualified 66th. due to the cars loose setup, catching the team by surprise.

This qualifying run placed the 119 car back in the pack at the start of the Heat Race where Todd just couldn't get it to hook up.  He said afterwards that he couldn't drive it in as deep as he wanted and not able to get that good exit he needed to move up.  There was some banging of door panels with a couple competitors maybe making the handling a little more difficult, but Todd held on to finish outside the qualifying race in seventh.  If he was gonna get in tonight he'd have to do it through the conse.

In the Conse, Don had the car working a lot better and we'd need it as we'd be starting about seventh.  At the green, FastMan got a good jump and was able to immediately move forward two positions into fifth.  There he'd hold off a challenge by Stanley Donahoo for the next two laps, side by side and nose to tail.  Then on lap eight with two to go, Todd broke loose and after a restart got those Hoosier's to take hold and shot past Dusty Moore into third.  With one lap to go FastMan was on David Spille's tail as they drove down the front stretch and up to his door in turn two.  He'd have to get past him in order to qualify for the Main Event and this was the last lap.  Down the back stretch Todd pulled the nose of the 119 ahead in turn three and was able to clear him out of four to take the checkers in second and making the Feature Race.  Exciting to the end, Todd really showed some of his driving skills as at time even a little bobble would of been trouble.  Todd drove a flawless race and we all agreed it was probably his best event of this racing season. Now if we could get that again in the feature?

The feature had the 119 starting in 21st and a long way to go for a win here tonight.  The race went well through the first ten laps, Todd gaining four positions and holding his own through lap thirteen.  On lap fourteen Todd was challenging for a position when there was a collision ahead and in breaking Todd and the other competitor got together causing damage to the 119.  Todd didn't spin or stall the car so he didn't loose any positions for the restart but had to pull into the pit area to have the team pull off the nurf bar which was knocked loose. From there on the handling just wasn't there and the night was pretty much over.  Todd finished 16th. tonight and was worn out from the work, heat and humidity, as was all the team members.  Maybe tomorrow night for $10,000. to win?

     - July 4th. 2004:  Modified Blowout Main Event.

Rain early in the morning but by race time the temperature heated up as the skies cleared. Another dry slick track to qualify on and results weren't much better then Saturday. FastMan hadn't had any qualifying prior to last night and tonight, not even had driven the 119 Modified during this season, so what can we say?  We'd start in the back again tonight and see if Todd can bring this machine to the front again?

The Heat race didn't go well either as we finished outside the top three to transfer to the conse. The conse would see the 119 move forward to tenth by lap fifteen and Todd battled competitors on both sides of him for the next three laps falling further and further behind those in front.  It was back and forth for those three with each driver trying hard to hold their position with in this pack of three.  Todd was finally able to break free and move ahead on lap nineteen into seventh where he battled Greg Beem for the next eleven laps, loosing out to him at the checkers and finishing seventh, out of tonight's Feature.

Todd was kind of feeling bad about the nights results until talking with Don who was pleased with the weekends overall results.  In the end we all were feeling good about the trip as we could see Todd and the Dasco 119 car running up front with all these great drivers.  Besides, it gave the Fleetwood Family a chance to spend this weekend enjoying an exciting Fourth of July together.

There's a couple more events this year you can see FastMan in Don's Modified, maybe they will get a win together yet?

Congratulations to Don, Todd, Mason and Devin on their weekend, you can expect a win from this race team yet.  Todd said to say Thanks to the wives Sherry, Tawnya and Gina for their support over this long racing weekend.

Also, Congratulation to all the local racers who done a great job of demonstrating the competition we have in South Eastern Indiana.  Racing against you guys helps make for a good race car driver as you really help to develop the skills one needs to be a winner.


June 26th, 2004:  Mark Clark Memorial, Twin Cities Raceway, IN

After working all week getting the car repaired and adjusted, FastMan and crew arrived at Twin Cities ready to go.  Qualifying didn't go as well as expected, Todd qualifying outside the top six. 

The heat race went well though as FastMan was able to take the lead with in the first three laps and ran out front; taking the checkers at the finish. This is the second Heat race win of the season for the #119 team.

In the Feature Todd started eighth since the fast six qualifiers had the top starting spots, he'd have some traffic to negotiate to get out front tonight. The car was running well and those chassis adjustments made earlier in the week seemed to make a difference on the track. FastMan was able to work his way up to fifth throughout the race but was not able to advance any further.

Though we had not finished better we were still more satisfied with the car and engine then we had been in weeks. We'll take this finish and work on it some more, maybe we'll get a win out of her yet.

This weekend, July 2,3 and 4th. were going to Florence SpW., KY for the $1, 2 and ten thousand dollar to win UMP Modified show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. FastMan will be driving the #W119 of Don Fleetwood for these events and supported by Don, Mason Fleetwood and Devin Gilpin in the pits.  I (MilkMan) will post results ASAP after I return on Monday.

After Florence, FastMan will be leaving on Vacation with the family and may or may not be back for the following weekends racing action? When to return will be decided by the family as Todd has turned over vacation week to them to decide what they will be doing?

The next scheduled event for the 119 Team will be July 10th at Brownstown Speedway for their weekly racing event with the Indiana Super Stocks.


June 19, 2004: Brownstown Speedway, IN, Kenny Simpson Memorial

With the work involved with that engine change we made after last week we didn't think we'd be ready for Brownstown tonight but was able to just finish and have it ready for a test. Originally we had set the goal of being ready for the Mark Clark Memorial at Twin Cities next weekend, a track FastMan has been running well at in this 2004 season.

The engine ran rough during Hot Laps, something not right.  Todd changed the plugs and made some minor adjustments which helped during the Heat Race.  It helped the engine but not the luck of this car.  Another driver got into the side and tore the entire rear quarter panel off! Man was FastMan mad, and rightly so, but he didn't retaliate  realizing the inexperience of the other driver.  Probably the worst hit, for sheet metal, of the season to date?  Todd made several more laps before pulling off.

During the Conse, we started off in about mid pack and during the race the engine ran exceptionally well.  FastMan, he raced hard but couldn't get the chassis and tires to go, as we had not made any changes from the Heat Race. FastMan finished the Conse and brought her in for the night. Todd really didn't try too hard to qualify but did push the engine as much as he could. We got the information and test we needed so we'll let that console us for the next several days.

Over all, we accomplished what we set out to do with that engine test. In the end, it was running well and pulling hard, hopefully just the change we needed to get back on the winning track?  We'll replace that sheet metal, fine tune the engine and chassis set up; hopefully be ready for a good night at Twin Cities Saturday?

For those who are waiting for FastMan to be on the track in a Modified, the latest information is that the Performance Modified Chassis is now back from Beacons Powder Coating, ready for parts and components assembly. We hope to have it on the track as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Next Up: The Mark Clark Memorial for Indiana Super Stocks, Twin Cities Raceway, IN. June 26, 2004.


The New 2004 Performance Chassis.

With the assistance of the Rick Cherry, Rick Cherry JR. and the T.G. Racing Team Sponsors, FastMan has acquired a 2004 PERFORMANCE CHASSIS to build and compete in later this 2004 season.  Rick JR. and Dorrence (Thanks both for your help!) traveled to Tennessee to pick it up last Friday (June 4th.), it's in the garage now awaiting a trip to Beacon's for powder coating.

Plans for preparation of the 119 Modified are under way now to get it built and on the track as soon as possible.  When the 119 Modified is completed we plan extensive testing for the remainder of the '04 season and see if we can't get 'er dialed in possibly for speed weeks 2005?  Currently the plans call for FastMan to continue to compete in the 119 Super Stock until the Modified is completed then off and on for the remainder of the season, for special events.

We feel confident that this Performance Chassis will allow us the set up and car control FastMan needs to run up front with the likes of Brent Londeree, Robby Gullion, Mike Marlar and and other Performance Chassis Teams?  Were going to find out.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures of the car under construction, here at Todd Gilpin Racing.


June 5, 2004: Brownstown Speedway, IN

Bad night for the 119 Team, engine problems allowed us to only make a disappointed showing tonight.  From the Heat race on there as a timing problem forcing Todd to pull in for fear of damaging the engine.  Then, during the conse we were running pretty well for the first few laps.  After a slight jolt from being hit by another competitor again the engine went south, loosing power and forcing FastMan to bring her in for the night. 

Were talking about changing out the engine and going with that 350 standing by in the garage, see what that might do?  We'll think it over for the night and while were off Sunday, decide sometime Monday what the plans will be for getting this car right.

Our 119 Modified is slated to go in for powder coating sometime this week at Beacon Power Coatings.  We'll be working on getting it together for some of the events coming up late Summer, in time to prepare for Bardstown, KY's Fall race event.

Keep an eye out on our photo page as we'll be posting pictures of this car coming together, as we have with all our cars under construction. Look for the update note for added photo's.


May 31, 2004: Twin Cities Raceway, IN., Super Stocks and Enduros

Hot laps went well, the car felt good and ran well so we didn't make any changes for the Heat race.  We started mid pack in the Heat race and was able to make up positions pretty quickly.  We made it up to second when we finished behind Troy Clark. 

During the Feature our luck would change as we didn't have as good a run as we have had since Saturday, here at Twin Cities.  We don't know what happened to us as we again made no adjustments to the car expecting it to run as good as it had been?  The track was a little more worn, not quite as good as during the Heat race and Todd struggled coming off the corners, good getting in but coming off the tires would spin not getting the traction needed to gain any positions. Todd started fourth and finished fourth, able to hold off those behind him but not gaining any positions.  We did have some good side by side and three wide action early in the race but towards the end were running with our self.

We want to congratulate the staff at Twin Cities the track preparation has been great, making for some close and exciting racing action.  If you haven't been to Twin Cities you need to go.  The Mark Clark Memorial is coming up on June 26, that would be a very good night to attend, but we would encourage you to attend as often as you can so we can keep Twin Cities a racin.

We will be posting some new photo's here soon from Twin Cities, as soon as we can get the lazy web site administrator to get 'er done.  Come on back and we'll have those photo's soon.

Congratulations to Tim Clark and Mike Fields on their respective wins at Twin Cities this week end, we enjoy racing with you both.  We hope to have that win thing in common with you soon.


May 30, 2004: Brownstown Speedway, IL.  Super Stock Special

Due to the heavy rains overnight and here at home on Sunday morning, we decided to sit this event out not knowing if it was going to be ran or not.  It's a long way over there and the cost of travel is too much to possibly waste it watching it rain in Illinois when we can watch it rain in Indiana for free.  We'll try it later in the season for their second big Super Stock show of the year.


May 29, 2004: Twin Cities Raceway, IN

Had a good night tonight, best all year!  We won our Heat race, finished second in the Feature, right on the tail of Tim Clark. The car ran great all night and the track was in excellent shape, we didn't have to make any major adjustments after Hot laps or the Heat race.


May 22, 2004: Brownstown Speedway, IN.

Good night tonight even though the Hot Lap session would lead you to believe otherwise.  During that practice session the car shut off on the first lap causing the 119 to be pulled back to the pits for a look and repair.  This turned out to be a broken distributor, the second time this season for that to happen!? Easily replaced we were going on to the heat race, no damage done.

We started on the tail of the 4th heat, out side.  At the green it'd took about two laps for the car to hook up then allowing Todd to gain one position after another, moving him up into second place.  The time lost battling his way to the front allowed the leader to gain enough of a lead to prevent FastMan from catching up before the laps ran down.  The car was good into a little slower off the corners but pulled well enough down the straight away.

Todd went to work directing the crew to make some changes to gain some speed for the Feature, changing tires, carburetor jets and chassis set up.  That being accomplished we all too a break and enjoyed the company and show there at Brownstown.

The Feature race had us starting 6th out side and we all felt we were going to have a good run tonight. At the start Todd was racing up to three wide holding the outside line. On lap 3 one leading car would drop out and the 119 raced hard for third place against Tim Clark and Randy Moore.  Moore pulled ahead and FastMan and Clark were nose to tail with Clark running low with FastMan running in the middle grove.  On lap 5 there was a caution and FastMan was lined up fourth when the green fell.  FastMan had a great restart getting the jump on Clark but another caution on this restart would place Todd again in fourth place.  On the restart the 119 had a good jump but just could not get the rear tires to take grip of the track off the corners allowing Clark to hold on to fourth place.  The fifth place car of Randy Moore would challenge Todd for several laps, right on his tail until FastMan began pulling away with about 5 laps to go.  From there Todd was able to gain some time up on Clark but ran out of laps to work with and finished in fourth.

Tonight's run was a good run in that we were able to finish higher than any race so far in 2004 suffering no damage, and we were able to try some adjustments that may just help us in Brownstown, IL next weekend?

Before Brownstown on Sunday and Monday we have Twin Cities scheduled for next Saturday night.  We'll try some more fine tuning and see what we can do about winning one before we leave Saturday night. 

A big thanks to Bud Seymour for helping us out with the distributor and carburetor changes tonight, he saved us allot of time and just may have made the difference in our finish?

Thanks to all the crew and friends that have been helping us out and to all the folks that have been supportive of TGR in the trying and difficult 2004 season.  Were hoping we have turned the corner and entering Memorial Day weekend on better footing then we have been since very early in the season.


May 15, 2004:  Rained Out:(


May 12th, 2004:  Salem Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN.

Todd got the call from Don Fleetwood to drive his new 2004 UMP Modified in Wednesday night's Modified event at Thunder-Valley, the same car Don had just won with at Union County, IN. 

Todd drove the 119 Modified conservatively since it was his first time sitting in the car and with every one making the Feature he didn't want to take too much of a chance.  He finished the Heat race in fourth with out any trouble.

In the Feature, Todd was running in 6th. place when on lap eight and running at the rear of another car that car spun out going into turn three making Todd take action to avoid colliding with that car.  They both came to rest in turn three not inches apart from each other.  Both were able to continue but two laps later a tie rod bolt broke on the left front tire forcing FastMan to retire from the event.

Another stroke of bad luck for Todd, we were hoping the that kind of luck was done with us, but one more night she said?  Let's hope that's the last of the broken parts and run ins with other cars for awhile, but don't put no money on it, not yet.

Still, the 119 Team will be competing at Twin Cities on Saturday, May 15 and we still plan on getting that first win any night now, let's hope it comes soon.


May 8, 2004; Brownstown Speedway, IN. UMP Late Model Speed Week

Better night with better results but were still chasing that elusive first win of the 2004 season.  "FastMan" started the heat race on the pole position and ran in front of the field for the first half of the race.  Cautions became a problem as the gear we were running tonight wouldn't allow the wheels to hook up and we lost time and eventually the lead on the restarts, finishing second to Tim Clark.

In the Feature we started sixth and was able to make it to lap two before being caught up in a five car collision which resulted in extensive right side damage to the 119.  Todd was able to continue, move up one spot and finish 5th at the checkered flag.  When Todd was caught up in that collision the front end alignment was knocked heavily into the toe in position which created quite a handful of steering for him, but that didn't slow him down any .... just wouldn't allow him to gain any more speed, hence the 5th place finish.

Luckily no chassis damage done but there's allot of garage work to do to replace most the right side supports, sheet metal, beat out dents and straighten some bent bars.  We'll get 'er done and be ready for Twin Cities this Saturday.  Maybe that monkey will climb onto someone else's back and let "FastMan" be for awhile?  Let's hope so.


May 1 2004;  Twin Cities Raceway, IN

Rained out.

Todd, Ogie and Matt spent the day replacing the radiator and fan, banging out the dents from the night before, preparing the 27 for the Saturday nights events, should they have been held.  The rain had been falling on and off all day in North Vernon, so the nights event was cancelled by the Twin Cities staff.

Though we didn't get to race tonight we were able to have the car ready if needed. This rain out did'nt disappoint us any as it will give us more time to finish repairs and a much needed night off with the families.

During the day Todd spoke with all the sponsors of the #27 Team and it was agreed upon to no longer run Bloomington SpW., every Friday night.  There will be a few events we'd like to compete there for but on a weekly basis, not.  This decision was made to save the car for the entire 2004 season as we were concerned that these stock cars a little large for this short track.  With all the hard work and monies invested in this #27 car were not wanting to risk serious damage that could easily happen any given night at Bloomington. 


April 30, 2004: Bloomington SpW., Weekly Racing Series.

We pulled into Bloomington under overcast skies expecting rain to fall at any time.  We drew #60 at the gate and would start the Heat Race at the back of the field.  Due to the heavy rains earlier in the day the track was sloppy and slick, which being in the back it wasn't going to be pretty for "FastMan."   At the green flag Todd took it easy to avoid any mishaps that may have occurred in front of him "cruising" around for the first two laps.  By this time mud had drenched the #27, splattering Todd's face shield so badly that it couldn't be wiped clean and he couldn't see to drive!  Todd said the hell with it and pulled the car into the pits not wanting to risk unnecessary damage to the car or himself. We'd wait for the conse and see how track conditions might change.

During the Modified Heat Race 3 the rains came down and suspended racing for about the next 1 and 1/2 hours. Hoping that the event would be cancelled for the night we waited, just in case.  Guess what?  The rain settled into a slight sprinkle and the tracks crew went to work running the track in, The Show Would Go On.

The Super Stock Conse should not have been run since all the cars would of made the Feature except for the last place car, but......?  The #27 started fifth row outside and once the track went green, FastMan was able to work the car towards the front.  Handling was good, the engine running great and Todd kept moving ahead settling into second place by lap 4 of this 10 lap qualifying race.  On lap 7 running second Todd ran high into turn four, got loose and had to let off  allowing the third place car to move up on Todd's rear. Down the front stretch Todd was trying to gain speed but the car following had the momentum and going into turn one was up to the front of the quarter panel of the 27.  By middle of turn one that car and the 27 was side by side when Todd slid up by mistake and the two cars made contact.  This contact turned both cars almost sideways on the track, the 27 got turned down towards the infield, shot over top a tire marker onto the infield then back onto the track. It looked like we might have been OK but steam from under the hood and the temperature gauge told a different story and Todd pulled her in, the night was over.

A check of the car showed that the tire marker had shoved the radiator into the fan, puncturing it, making for a very disappointing and costly night.  We were hoping for a better nights racing, really hoping that the nights event would of been rain delayed.  You take what you can get and we were lucky that there wasn't more damage done tonight so we should consider ourselves lucky?  Maybe tomorrow night at Twin Cities?  It's Mother Natures call as more rain is in the forecast.


April 24, 2004: Brownstown Speedway, Weekly Racing Series.

We pulled her into Brownstown minutes before the rains began to fall, no racing ourselves tonight.  The Team loaded up and headed to Twin Cities to check the racing scene there.  No rain, they were running  and when we found out Bobby Davis and Tater had their modified there, we had someone to help out. Half the crew in the pits the other half in the stands enjoying a good night of UMRA TQ Midgets, Pure Stocks, UMP Modifieds and Mini Stock action.

We want to add a congratulations to the Collins Family on what they have done so far, we pleased with the facilities, the race track and running of the races.  Good Job, Keep up the good work and we'll keep coming back.


April 23, 2004: Bloomington Speedway, weekly racing events.

The Todd Gilpin Racing Team will not be competing at Bloomington Speedway tonight as we have just completed the new engine installation and need to finish it up.  We don't want to rush the job in order to make tonight's race and risk damage to the new engine.  We will be at Brownstown Saturday night, if the rain holds off?  We hope to see you all there.

Apr 20, 2004

A BIG Congratulations to Devin "FastMan JR." Gilpin on his first Mini Stock Feature win Saturday night at Thunder-Valley Raceway.  This 14 year old Son of Todd and Gina Gilpin and Grand Son of Don and Cherry Fleetwood is gonna be an exciting young driver to watch.  Devin will be driving what ever car he can talk the owner into letting him drive, until his own Dasco Race Fabrication Mini Stock is completed, at Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN.  Good luck Devin and again CONGRATULATIONS!


Apr 19, 2004: Bloomington SpW., Opening Night, 4-16-2004 ....

What a night!  The Team began the evening full of expectations for a successful and safe evening of racing.  "FastMan" began the Heat Race in the back of the field on the outside and when the race went green, the cars ahead got into turn three and there was a big pile up collecting ahead of the #119.  Todd had little time to react, saw a hole open down low and shot the car through, just narrowly avoiding collision with the others caught up in the mess.

Track officials moved Todd up front outside for the restart and when the flag dropped the 119 jumped into the lead and held onto it for the next eight laps, opening up a half track lead on the others. We thought sure we had this heat race win  with "FastMan" coming to take the white flag, but out of turn four there was a shower of sparks and parts that shot out from under the car and with flames coming from underneath it rolled to a stop.  The safety officials were on the scene in moments, extinguished the fire and started to assist Todd out of the car.  The drive shaft had twisted up and broke through into the car hitting Todd's right leg leaving him in quite a bit of pain. Todd's left foot was wedged under the brake pedal and he could not get it loose for several minutes, leaving all us nervous as to what exactly was going on.  Gina went down onto the track to check on Todd and after a few minutes showed us signs that it was not too serious.  Todd finally was freed from the car, climbed out and was checked out by the medical personnel.  He was alright but had a pretty sore leg and a torn up cockpit from the driveshaft, but considering how bad it could of been, we were all thankful it turned out as well as it did. Our night was over.

When we arrived back at the garage Todd, Danny and Shawn spent the night making repairs and installing 1/8 in. steel plating in the cockpit area to help prevent future injuries should this ever happen again. Todd was sore but wanted to be at Twin Cities Saturday for another chance to collect that first win of the season. They got it done.  It took allot of hard work, but with the excellent help from Danny, Shawn, Rick, Troy, Bud and Janice the job was completed, the car loaded and they all got some rest.

4-17-04: Twin Cities Raceway, IN.

This night at Twin Cities "FastMan" had a front row start in the Heat Race, took the lead and win in our second visit to Twin Cities this season.  The car was running great and things were looking up for the 119 Team after spending the previous night in the garage repairing the damage from that drive shaft incident at Bloomington.

In the Feature Todd started third and was running in second, trying to get around Mike Fields when the engine started going south.  With the loss in power Todd fell back to fifth and that's where he finished this event, disappointing for all as all the work that had gone into getting us there.  We thought we had the heat won Friday then expected better results in this Feature, but were not giving up.  In fact, Todd said that with how well the car has been when it was under full power he is confident that we'll be a contender for the win each night once we get all the bugs worked out.  Were going to pull that engine, put in a new one then make the adjustments needed to get the car dialed in for Friday night.

Todd wants to thank all those that were concerned with his injury and also let everyone know that he's a little sore but should be back to form by this coming weekend.  Also, he extends his thanks to the crew for their extended hard work in the garage and at the track over the weekend.  We will see you Friday at Bloomington then Saturday at Brownstown, maybe from the winners circle?  We hope so.


Apr 10, 2004: Twin Cities Raceway, IN. Opening Night, 4-10-04 ...

We arrived at the track tonight excited about our first night out and a chance to see what the car could do, but a hidden distributor problem foiled our plans.

During our hot lap session the engine wouldn't fire all eight cylinders so "FastMan" brought it in  for some adjustments. When he went back out it was evident the problem wasn't fixed so we called in some expert assistance from Bud Seymour who quickly found the problem and tried to fix it for us, it didn't work but was a good try on his part.

Our qualifying session had us starting up front on the pole and at the drop of the green Todd was able to hang up front for the first three laps until beginning to fade. Without the power to stay competitive he pulled it in the pits to see what could be done, if anything, to help get us going in the Feature.

Again, Bud and the crew worked as quickly as possible and again came up with what we hoped was a solution?

In the Feature Event, the 119 started dead last and was able to make up a few positions, missed a pile up in turn two and gained a couple more positions before "FastMan" again brought it pit side. With the lack of horse power Todd wasn't wanting to get into any position where he would risk getting tangled up in traffic and damage to the car, so he called it a night.

In the end we were able to get Todd some good track time and check the car out for any handling or setup problems. Other than the distributor he was pretty pleased with what he found out so were going to get that distributor repaired or replaced, the car tuned up and cleaned to prepare our selves for this Friday night at Bloomington.

We want to thank all our friends and crew for their hard work in getting this 119 ready and helping us out trackside, we'll see you next week at Bloomington.

View some Twin Cities event photo's, Click Here.


Apr 3, 2004: Brownstown SpW., Indiana Ice Breaker.

After a long week of long work days and late nights our plans for competing at the Ice Breaker were foiled by the availability of a drive shaft.  We had the rest of the body installed at Dasco Race Fabrication on Wednesday night and then on Thursday we visited WildSide Signs and Graphics for lettering.  Friday we completed all the final work on the car except for the drive shaft which we were unable to acquire in time for Saturday nights event.

Dasco and WildSide both did excellent work on our #119 Monte Carlo and we are very much pleased with the results of their work.  We cant wait to get it out on the track.

We apologize to any of our fans that might have been expecting to see us at Brownstown, but we tried our best and are very much disappointed ourselves about not being there.

The Todd Gilpin Race Team will be at Twin Cities Raceway, Saturday April 10th for opening night.  We hope to shake down the car there and see what "FastMan" has under his right foot, maybe collect a good finish our first night out?

Because of missing the two preliminary events at Brownstown Speedway we now plan to focus on the Track Championship at Bloomington Speedway and will run there weekly every Friday night.  Still, we plan to compete at Twin Cities and Brownstown and see how things play out there. Twice weekly or more, we plan to be the team to beat wherever we visit.

Congratulations to David Brewer on his victory Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway.  That close finish and exciting action just show us how competitive this Super Stock division is.

Don't miss out on the action, be there with us and help us support all our local tracks and their drivers. We'll see you Saturday night at Twin Cities Raceway.


Mar 27, 2004: Brownstown  SpW., Opening Night.

We didn't make it tonight, not quite ready.  Instead of rushing it and risking damage to expensive equipment, we decided to sit the night out and make our debut April 3rd.  Congratulations to Mike Fields on his first win in 2004 but, watch out were coming for 'ya.

 Mar 24, 2004, for general release.

Todd "FastMan" Gilpin Enters 2004 Indiana Super Stock Division Competition.

Todd "FastMan" Gilpin will race the 2004 season in his own #119 Super Stock in conjunction with Dasco Race Fabrication as a member of Dasco's multi car operation.  Beginning April 3rd. you can watch "FastMan" compete on the historic dirt track oval at Brownstown Speedway, IN as well as Bloomington Speedway and Twin Cities Raceway Park through out the 2004 season.  Also, the Todd Gilpin Racing Team will do some traveling through out Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio in search of wins and championships in their new 2004 Gilpin Racing / Dasco Race Fabrication house car.

The 2004 Gilpin Racing / Dacsco Fabrication Indiana Super Stock is a modified Master Built late model chassis with a 393 Chevy Engine by Rick Cherry with the body and performance parts by Dasco Race Fabrication.  This car will carry the number 119 to demonstrate the association with Dasco Race Fabrication and their support for this multi car operation. Members of the Dasco Race Fabrication Racing Team include Don Fleetwood in the 119 UMP Modified, Todd Gilpin in the 119 Indiana Super Stock and Devin Gilpin in the 119 Mini Stock.

Members of the 2004 Todd Gilpin Racing Team include Rick Cherry, Matt Adkins, Danny Ogle, Jamie Ogle as well as Gina, Devin, Ashley and Shawn Gilpin.  Our Sponsors this season include our long time Primary Sponsor Dasco Race Fabrication of Brownstown Indiana, Hungry Howies Pizza of Columbus Indiana, WildSide Signs and Graphics Vallonia Indiana, MM21 Motor Sports, Ltd. North Vernon Indiana and Thunder Valley Raceway Salem Indiana.

We want to thank our family, friends and fans for their support in the past and into the future and hope to show everyone this team is prepared for an exciting and successful season of dirt oval track racing.

Weekly updates can be viewed on our web site at as well as the latest news, information and photo's.  Be sure to visit us at the track whenever possible and have a safe and enjoyable 2004 race season.


Mar 21, 2004

Well, we were not able to make the car show nor opening night practice at Brownstown as we didn't quite have the new Super Stock ready. We did attend and meet with Greg Benton, Tech Inspector with Brownstown Speedway, to question him about some car specs. We wanted to make sure we were going to be "legal" opening night and to our delight, we are.

While we were there, we were able to meet with some of our competitors and friends to exchange notes about the upcoming season and such. We had a great time and can not wait to get that new car finished and finally hit the track, hopefully Friday at Twin Cities and definitely Saturday at Brownstown Speedway.

We've got some new New Car Photo's published on our photo page, to conserve space we replaced the last batch we had posted and replaced them with these newer photo's.  We hope you enjoy the pictures and plan on attending Saturday night at Brownstown to cheer on the #19 Team of Todd "FastMan" Gilpin.

Go through our photo page to access all our 2004 on line photo's.  Click this link:  Photo's


Feb 23, 2004

We've got some new car pics. of the #119 Super Stock of "FastMan's." These photo's show the chassis in the late stages of being modified from a Master Built Late Model Chassis to a Indiana Super Stock spec chassis. Todd was anxious to complete the welding, grinding and bracket mounting, so with MilkMan and Rick Cherry the crew worked hard over the weekend to finish her up.  Now it's off to be striped of that orange paint then powder coated in a color you'll see here after it returns from the shop.


Feb 14, 2004

This 2004 Racing season we'll see "FastMan" competing in the Indiana Super Stock division and chasing the checkers at all our favorite tracks. After several years in the UMP Modified Division, "FastMan's" will see if he can eclipse the success he had racing those open wheel demons, in a full bodied Super Stock.\

Sporting the #119 on the sides Todd plans to compete weekly at Brownstown, Bloomington and Twin Cities in North Vernon, IN.  Also, the #119 team will be competing in special events at tracks through out Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.

The 2004 Super Stock by Todd Gilpin Racing is built upon a Master Built chassis with a Camero front clip, 9" floater rear end and built to specs. per Indiana Super Stock rules. Body and interior by Dasco Race Fabrication and Supply of Brownstown, Indiana.

Todd Gilpin Racing wants to Welcome Future Tool  & Engineering Company of Columbus, IN as a new Sponsor in 2004.  We'll have more posted about Future Tool & Engineering here at Todd Gilpin Racing in the immediate future.

Long time sponsors Dasco Race Fabrication, Hungry Howies Pizza, WildSide Signs and MM21 Motor Sports, Ltd. are back and we would like to thank them for their continued support and assistance.

Most of all we would like to thank our family and friends for their help and assistance in making another season of racing possible.

We'll be posting photo's of Todd's 2004 Super Stock Monte Carlo and adding a guest book for our web site visitors and fans, so be sure to come back and visit again soon.

Thank you for you're interest in and for visiting Todd Gilpin Racing we  hope you have a safe and enjoyable 2004 racing season.

 Feb 5, 2004

New Race Car, A New Sponsoring Partner and New Goals for 2004 ...... stay tuned for details.


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MM21 Motor Sports, Ltd.





For More Pictures, CLICK HERE.


Career Stats

Feature Race Wins    7

Heat Race Wins   4

Devin "FastMan JR." unveiled his new Dasco Race Fabrication / UP FRONT Chassis Ford Mustang Mini Stock at Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN this past Saturday, Aug, 9th. This was the first time out for Devin in the first race car built exclusively for him, compliments of his Grandfather, Donnie Fleetwood. Devin is the newest member of the Dasco Race Fabrication / WildSide Signs Racing Team and will also carry the car number 119, competing in the Rookie division at Thunder-Valley Raceway for the remainder of the 2004 race season.

Sep 18th ... Twin Cities Raceway

Devin did a heck of a good job in that 119 Mini Stock racing to a second place finish in his Heat and finishing his first Feature race outside his home track. 

FastMan Jr. started outside pole in his Heat race and was trailing the leader into turn 2 on lap three when he spun after getting out of his preferred racing groove.  No harm but he moved to the back for the restart. Devin jumped on the gas at the green and started moving towards the front immediately, displaying excellent driving skills for a 14 hear old.  Devin had to race for most every position moving high and low around the track, moving up into second but not quite able to catch the leader.  Devin took the checkered flag holding onto 2nd place and without any damage from that spin on lap three or the side by side racing he did, it was allot of fun to watch.

For the Feature, Devin again started outside front row and just about copied the start of his Heat race.  He spun out in almost the exact place and again went to the tail for the restart, that corner being slicker then the rest of the track and in heavy traffic.  Again no damage and FastMan Jr. began moving forward, passing each car he came upon and using whatever part of the track was working best.  With no conse there were many more cars to get around and the laps kept ticking by and in the end young Devin ran out of time.  He displayed excellant driving skills and didn't make contact with any other competitor the entire night?  Were not exactly sure where he officially finished as the results have not been posted, but winning wasn't the goal, seat time and track experience was.  That goal was successfully met.

Not that's a racing family; grandfather, father and son.  All racers and Devin will surely gain valuable experience and training from Dad and Grandpa in the years ahead.  Devin "FastMan Jr" Gilpin will be one to watch in the future, were expecting big things from this 14 year old as his age, desire and skills advance and progress.

Next up: Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN, Sep 25th.  Come see him race and he'd be glad to give you his autograph:)


Aug 21st, 2004 ... Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN

Devin picks up win no. 4 of 2004.  Devin won the Heat race for Rookies then went on to win the Feature event at Thunder-Valley Raceway in Salem, Indiana.  Leading every lap of both events Devin scored his fourth win of his young racing career.  The 119 Mini Stock was handling great allowing Devin to gain comfort and speed on this short bull ring of a track, looking like he had been racing for years.  In fact this was Devin's sixth race in a full sized race car and at this pace is gaining ground on Rookie of the Year at Thunder-Valley.  Congratulations Devin! And congratulations to Donnie Fleetwood on another win for this Dasco Racing Team member.


Aug 14th, 2004 ... Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN

FastMan JR. won his third Feature of the season in the Rookie class at Thunder-Valley Raceway Saturday night, his first in the 119 Mini Stock by Dasco Race Fabrication.  We'll post additional information as it becomes available.  Way To Go Devin !


Aug 9th, 2004 ... Thunder-Valley Raceway, Salem, IN

The first night out was a challenge for this young gun in his new 119 Mini Stock as the steering quickner had not been installed in the car as yet and would make it tough to drive tonight, but Devin was up to it.

Devin started his Heat on the second row inside and after a couple laps was able to gain control of the car enough to start moving up.  In spite of the "play" in the steering wheel Devin was able to pass the second place runner to gain that spot and hold on till the checkered flag.  His hands and arms were swinging wide to the right and left trying to get the car to turn as without the steering quickner it was a long way around till the wheels would respond.

The Feature event would prove more trying for him as the increased laps put allot more work into it and wanting to do a good job for Grandpa, he was nervous just a bit to boot.

Devin started the Feature on the second row outside this time and again was a little slow to start but once he settled in, he got fast.  FastMan said that the car was very fast and Devin was driving the heck out of her, moving into second with in the first few laps.  As the laps wore on working the wheel was working on Devin but he was doing good until towards the end when he spun her coming into the turn. He got her going again and started to move up through the field when he spun again.  By this time the race was getting long and Devin was worn out trying to keep her turning on this short track so he pulled it on in, called it a night.

The car ran goodl tonight, Donnie having built JR a good safe fast car capable of winning Features for Devin. They will get that quicker on her and give it another go on the next Rookie night.

Devin drove a good race tonight did a really good job. We look for Devin to take this Dasco Race Fabrication built Ford Mustang Mini Stock to the front next time out.  We'll post photo's of the car as soon as we get 'em so visit us here again and check them out. 

Thanks for visiting.


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