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Professor Makoto Shichida is leading a worldwide revolution in education
which is changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles. He is a well-known figure in Japan, having committed the last 40 years to developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.

Dr Shichida was born in 1929 and holds a Doctorate in Education. Over the years, he has founded over 400 Child Academies in Japan. He has also written more than a hundred books (in Japanese), some of which remains on the bestsellers list in Japan.


April, 1997: Received the Social and Cultural Distinguished Service Award
from the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture.

This association honours people who have made accomplishments inside and outside of Japan in the fields of Arts, Fine Arts, Religion, Social Welfare, Culture and Education. The award was presented by President Hiroaki Fushimi.    


June, 1997: Received a lifetime membership in the International Academy of Education
from the International Academy of Education University in the U.S.

This university was founded by Cambridge University in the middle ages and is the oldest and the highest ranking university of all the universities of Education. Professor Makoto Shichida received the most honourable title, Life Time Member or F.I.E.A.    


June, 1997: Received the International Science Grand Prize
from the World Science Council's Distinguished Service for Society Panel

The World Science Council's Distinguised Service for Society Panel consists of presidents and doctors from 78 universities in 13 countries, including Germany, the U.S.,China, Australia, Mexico, the Great Britain, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, France, Philippines, Costa Rica and Japan. Professor Makoto Shichida received the highest Honourable Merit Prize for his work.  


December, 1997: Received a Distinguished Service for World Peace Grand Knight Title
from the World Intellectual Treasury Association

This is awarded to persons who have a title of fellow or academic, and also has remarkable achievements in activities of social service and philanthropy. The World Intellectual Treasury Association is an organization affiliated with the International Academy of Education University. He is given the title of 'Sir' in his honour.   


October, 1998: Received the Comandore Medal from the Federative Republic of Brazil

This Medal is equivalent to the decoration medal of The Legion d'Honneur of France, the decoration of Victorian medal and the medal of Basque of Britain. Persons who receive this award are not merely confined to domestic activities but for those who contribute to world peace. This is a criteria for selection.  


November, 1998: Received the World Peace Award
as part of the United Nations Five Corporations Grand Prize for Peace

This prize is granted to those who live in any of the 180 member nations of the U.N. and those who are contributing to world peace. Professor Makoto Shichida was the first winner given this prize in Asia. The World Peace Award is decided on by non-governmental organizations associated with the UN and its 5 organizational affiliations: UNESCO, UNICEF, MDP and WPA, and WPEA.    


March, 2003: Received the International Academy of Education Award
from the Research Institute of the Sweden Academy for Medicinal Sciences

It is awarded to someone (from Japan) who has remarkably served the health and well-being of people's minds and bodies, and who has contributed to world peace over many years. Professor Makoto Shichida was given this award for his past achievements.    


June, 2003: Received the Prince Higashi Kuninomiya Memorial Prize
from the Association of Prince Higashi Kuninomiya

This prize is awarded to persons who are responsible for the instruction of essential creative ideas, promoting intellectual property, and rendering inventive education.  


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