Willie Loomis

Name: William "Willie" Loomis

Appearance: Willie is 5'7" tall, of thin build, and is on no accounts handsome. He has dark, lank, longish hair, a pug nose and slightly crooked teeth. The only feature which could be called beautiful are his large blue-gray eyes; which at times seem round and innocent as a child's. Willie is more often unshaven than not, and dresses very simply. It's all he can afford. Willie is in his early twenties.

Personality: Willie can be called cunning, yet predictable; unruly, yet easily manipulated; cowering, yet brave when he feels he has to be. When one has won Willie's friendship, he is loyal to a fault. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He's fallible, vulnerable, and greedy. Willie is a simple, immature man, whose way of thinking at times reminds one of a young boy half his age. Sometimes there is a sweetness to Willie, and a tragic gullibility.

Willie likes to drink, almost too much at times. When he drinks, he forgets his feelings of inadequacy and can get loud and bragging. Willie adores jewelry and gemstones, to the point of being obsessed with them.

Skills: Willie is an accomplished pickpocket, and can move silently without being heard or seen. He can use a knife if threatened, but he prefers to hide or sneak away rather than fight, if he can avoid it. He is small and agile, and can climb most surfaces.

History/Past: Willie is the youngest son of a poor farming family. As a child, he was always considered the black sheep of the family, being small and weak. Taunted by his father and older brothers, he was constantly trying to avoid the hard work on the farm. He soon got a bad reputation for lying, stealing and drinking.

When Willie was in his mid-teens, a fire destroyed his home, killing most of the family, and Willie has lived here and there since, making his living more by stealing than by honest work. After failing to steal jewels from a family tomb in Collinswood, Willie was offered work with the Collins family. Happy at first, Willie tried to be a good manservant, until when he one night happened to overhear some shocking facts about Barnabas Collins and his lovely wife...

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