Name: Selene Scarlett Rimbauer

Appearance:  Selene stands about 5'6" tall with long jet black hair, dark
eyes, and pale skin.  The contrast with her pale skin and dark hair make her
appearance very stricking.  Resembles very much her half sister Abigail

Personality:  Selene has two very different personalities.  One that is a
humorous and loves nothing more than to laugh and enjoy life with zest.  She
can be sarcastic at times, sometimes to the point of being blunt, and will
say what she means not caring about the importance on how a lady should

Her other side holds a deep dark secret past.  She was born with the second
sight and can see most things other cannot, as well as the past, present &
future yet to come.  The three combined can be quite powerful, but she tries
to keep this gift a secret.  There are other areas of her life and what she
does that she keeps secret.  She will not reveal them to anyone, not even
her sister.

Past History:  She is the daughter of Richard Price & Amber Rimbauer, half
sister to Abigail Price.  Richard & Amber had an affair shortly after
Amber's husband past away.  She was without children and soon gave birth to
Selene.  Richard, still married, the child was kept a secret.  Her mother,
Amber was brutually attacked onenight by what the police described as a
"wild animal."

Since than Selene had found a diary amongst her mothers belongings and
revealed who her father was and that she had a half sister.

Selene was also to be married, but it was only recently that her fiancee
disappeared without a trace.  After a long thorough search, he was assumed

With no one left, Selene wishes nothing more than to contact her sister
Abigail, who is her only family left.

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