Rules & Regulations

**Please Read all the instructions carefully**


1. Choose a character to play, or make one up of your own. The character's can be from either Mary Reilly, Dark Shadows or both.

2. Submit your character profile, and await approval, do not begin role-playing until you have been approved!!!! No writing sample is needed just the character profile.

3. Lurking is permitted however, having role players is what I prefer.

4. You may be more than one character if you choose, but only if you can handle it, maximum 5. Pictures with profiles may be submitted, maximum of 3 pictures.

5. Join the Mary Reilly Planning list, and post all major story changes and ideas to the planning list before acting them out on the RPG. This way everyone will know what to expect and can help to get their character's in on whatever plot that may include them, or give further input regarding the plot making it a collaborative effort.

6. If you can no longer role play a character for whatever reason please notify me or post to the planning list to let everyone know that character is no longer being played. This way the character can be recast or written out of the current plot without disrupting the RPG.


1. Do not role-play another person's character, unless you have been given permission by the player.

2. Yes, your character can be killed off. But if they are, we will allow you to create another one.

3. Please keep Adult scenes, sexual scenes, or nudity to a minimum. I would prefer most of these things to be implied rather than fully illustrated on the list. If something of this nature needs to be expressed please put *Adult* in the subject line.

4. Try to stick to the setting of the RPG which is 1885 England. Not all of us are history buffs so I'm not going to be too technical on this; however, please try to make your character talk and act like they are in that time period.

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