NAME: Roger Collins

ANCESTRY: Younger brother of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard; uncle of Carolyn Stoddard; father of David Collins.

APPEARANCE: Roger is a tall distinguished man, in his late forties-earlyfifties. He has white hair, and stands 6'2", and weighs about 190 pounds. He is slim and fit, although not muscular.

PERSONALITY: Roger is a self-centered, egoist. He is an intelligent man,but is short-sighted--he rarely considers the long-term effects of anyof his decisions. Money always has Roger's ear. He is not a coward, butis the last person to volunteer for anything remotely dangerous. Rogeris a control freak, and resents Liz for her control over the family.While Roger is consulted on family affairs and busiess matters, the final decision is not his, and he cannot accept it, yet, he will not leave the family home nor business to make his own way. He has resigned himself to stay at Collinwood and complain.

PAST: Roger married the former Laura Murdoch. She and Roger divorced when David was 5. The accounts of her whereabouts are varied--Roger and Liz purport that Laura is in an asylum in up-state New York, seeking treatment for a breakdown suffered shortly after the divorce; postcardsto David from his mother bear a Phoenix, Arizona postmark. Laura is a re-incarnation of the mythical creature, The Phoenix. Every 100 years she returns from her ashes to claim the lives of her children.Victoria had an encounter with Laura shortl after arrival at Collinwood as David's governess. Roger believes David's atrocious behaviour is adirect influence of Laura's supernatural state. Roger is also haunted by the knowledge that an innocent man went to jail for a murder he committed. Roger killed a man while driving under the influence, yet Burke Devlin was convicted and sentenced to jail in a cover-up. David, being mad at his father for not taking responsibility for his actions, cut the brake lines in Roger's vehicle, causing Roger to have an accident. This time, Roger took the blame for David, at Liz's insistence, saying he must have damaged the lines himself whieper forming a routine inspection.

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