Mary Reilly vs. Dark Shadows

What do I mean by Mary Reilly vs. Dark Shadows? Well, its very simple. I was thinking of ways in how to expand the storyline more, for the sake of making it more interesting and on-going for the players.

If you recall the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, than you will already know what I am talking about. Unfortunately, I never watched the original (too young), but I was able to watch the 90s remake, and loved it.

I am combining the story of Mary Reilly with the Dark Shadows one. For anyone who doesn't know what DS was, it was a gothic tv series, about a family named Collins, that lived in Collinsport. It centered around a vampire named Barnabas Collins and also had a witch named Angelique, and the innocent Victoria Winters that fell in love with Barnabas, and many more interesting roles. Since this rpg is about insanity/gothic type nature, it can work as a combined story. The Collins family interracting with Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and Mary Reilly? Why not...What would happen if the insane Mr. Hyde met up with the blood-thirsty Barnabas Collins? Or what would happen if Mary Reilly encountered the evil Angelique? Join us, and we can make these ideas happen!

If anyone is interested in making this story combination possible, just e-mail with what character you wish to play.

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