Thomas Gaines

Name: Thomas Gaines

Appearance: Slightly curly light brown hair with hazel eyes; 6'1"; muscular in build; his looks are unconventionally handsome.

Skills: He is a skilled fighter and thief, and has the art of deceit mastered. He is very convincing in his schemes and has fooled many people with his mind games. His confidence in himself is high and he rarely is afraid of anything he faces no matter how terrifying. He is also skilled with sharp edged instruments.

Personality: Thomas is not particularly a good person, yet in his own mind he thinks he is. His is extremely cunning being able to mask the darkerside of himself around others. He has his own code of morality that can become twisted at times. He is obsessed with power and control.

Past: Thomas was raised in an impoverished family and was forced into work as child. He started to steal and lead a life of crime in his teens to survive. He was remarkably good at hustling to make money and did so with little remorse for his victims. His love for the supernatural and occult lead him to become the servant of a vampire mistress who promised him immortality. When a group of vampire hunters killed his vampire mistress he was only spared because he was human. He grouped with the vampire hunters as a means of convenience for shelter and the spoils from the vampires they killed. He met Caleb soon after and joined his group of vampire hunters. His motives were disreputable at first before he came to respect Caleb's cause. Thomas could never admit his secret desire to be immortal himself...

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