Sarah Elizabeth Kircher

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Kircher

Appearance: Sarah stands about 5'7" tall, she has long silken dark brown hair, green eyes, even toned pale skin, and thin peach colored lips. She dresses simply, and is of modest beauty. Her plainness gives her a demeanor of being younger than her seventeen years.

Personality: Sarah is innocent but not naive. She is extremely disciplined and focused in anything she undertakes. Since her life has been filled with loss she is inordinately protective of loved ones. Not aggressive by nature but can be in severe situations that require it.

Past: Sarah was brought to a convent at the age of eight as an orphaned child after her mother was killed working in an unsafe factory. The nuns raised and educated her to prepare her for service to God within the church. The women with no children of their own where kind to Sarah and treated her much like a daughter. She had little contact with the outside world and spent most of her time in prayer or in service. One night her contentment was ended when the convent was attacked by a ruthless vampire who killed everyone. Sarah managed to escape.

Sarah was then taken in by a group of vampire hunters who believed her story when everyone else thought her a lunatic.

Skills: She has true faith which is rare and is able to use this against vampires. She has been taught to fight and kill vampires along side a group of hunters. Her faith makes her immune to the charms of the undead. Has been chosen to be Caleb Lamont's assistant.

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