Dr. Henry Jekyll

"The sadness...well that can't be helped. It comes in like the tide."

Name: Dr. Henry Jekyll

Appearance: Dr. Henry Jekyll stands 6'2" tall. He is presently 46 years old and still rather handsome in his middle age. Recently he consumed a potion which he hoped would increase his strength compared to that of Edward Hyde. Some of the potions' side effects has been to make Henry feel younger, both in body and mind. His graying hair has become darker, and he has recently shaved the beard he has been wearing for many years. All in all, the recent changes in Henry Jekyll has made him look several years younger than his actual age. Henry Jekyll's eyes are a deep blue, that narrow when he is suspicious or widen when startled. His wavy, dark brown hair has some streaks of grey at the temples. His face is thin, with a decided look around his mouth; his forehead high, and his nose long and straight. He has a slender yet masculine figure. He dresses appropriately for a man of his stature.

Skills: Henry Jekyll is a well respected gifted doctor and brilliant scientist. A true genius at his craft, though only a few of his colleagues support him and his unusual ideas. In his youth, he used to be quite an athlete, and he has recently taken up fencing again, in which he excels. He is a conneissur of good wines and liquors; and enjoys art and cultural activities such as concerts and theatre.

Personality: Dr. Jekyll is smart, kind, secretive, intelligent and curious. He has for a long time and in many ways been tortured by what he believes to be a darkness in his soul. Recently, other side effects of the new potion has led to Henry feeling much more energetic and in control.

The drug has also been affecting Dr Jekyll's temper. These days, he gets angry very easily, especially if somebody mentions or questions the actions of Hyde. His new, hot temper is a constant source of worry to him. Somewhat guilt-ridden over Hyde's actions, he has recently started seeing patients again. Henry has recently returned to the world outside his laboratory and has again begun socializing with his friends. He prefers to meet with a couple of good friends rather than attending large gatherings though.

Henry Jekyll struggles with the opposing forces within him. He desperately wants to be a good man, but the temptation of being Hyde and letting go of every inhibition is too strong for him to resist. He has for a long time been completely unable to express his deepest emotions which has lead him to bottle them in an unhealthy manner. And then, perhaps let them loose in the shape of Edward Hyde. But lately, Henry Jekyll has been feeling more strongly emotional in many ways, and these changes within him both frighten and fascinate him

Past: Dr. Henry Jekyll had been a man with many friends, gracious, kind, and possessed of a good heart. He had a very promising career in medicine, partially due to his intelligence and knowledge of chemistry. He had been successful enough so far to have a house with several servants and large, private laboratory. It was in this laboratory that he had spent more and more of his time. Over the months he had been sending out for large amounts of chemicals, and working throughout the day and staying up till dawn, searching for the right mix, the right formula to cure the abnormality inside him, an undefined something that was unusual, out of place, the fracture in his soul. Then one night he found the right mix. He concocted a solution that would finally rid him of this aberrant nature, break it away from him for good. With a great feeling of relief after a lifetime of subtle but constant turmoil, he had drunk the formula. And then the fracture grew into a cancer, a man named Edward Hyde....

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