Giselle Marie de Lacey

She is thirty-five years old. She was an actress in Paris, France in her twenties, when her manager-lover Phillipe was killed in what appeared to be a malicious attack. The Paris police force never solved the open-ended crime, but Giselle investigated the matter on her own. She learned that Phillipe had been killed by a vampire-- who was Leticia Moreau, a chorus girl who had once been Phillipe's lover. Leticia had been turned when she, herself, had been attacked by an unnamed vampire.

Giselle did intensive investigative study on her own about vampires and learned that a vampire slept during the day, and required a coffin and burial earth. Following clues about Leticia's life, she discovered Leticia's coffin in an underground chamber deep beneath the Paris opera house. She ended the chorus girl's undead existence. The grisly experience changed her forever. She had avenged Phillipe, and ended the terror surrounding Paris, but she wanted to make no explanations for her actions. She feared the police force would not accept the truth about what she had done, and about what Leticia had been.

She fled Paris and took up residence in London, where through an underground network she learned of vampire hunters who sought to destroy the vampires terrorizing London. Changed by her experiences in Paris, she knew she could not live a normal life in London.

She has joined forces with three other vampire hunters with the intention of dedicating herself to eradicating the forces of darkness. She has an actress's talents for deception and camouflage. She also has a secret-- a secret she longs to confide to someone she can trust. A secret about what truly happened one twilight in Paris when she went deep beneath the opera house to confront Leticia Moreau.

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