Caleb Lamont

Name: Caleb Lamont

Appearance: Caleb stands about 5'11" tall, he has chiseled yet unimposing goods looks, brownish hair, blue eyes, olive skin, and appears to be in top physical shape.

Skills: He is extremely gifted at fighting and weapons, his focus and discipline have provided him with the ability to be a leader. He is the only vampire hunter in the team besides Sarah who has true faith to use against vampires, has rogue type skills, strategy and combat tactics for fighting the undead, skilled in investigation and research, and has strong intuition.

Personality: Caleb is a strong-willed disciplined person whose faith has kept him sane for years. He can be social, but prefers time alone for introspection. He tends to blend in well with a crowd and can examine and assess his surroundings effortlessly. He is intelligent, with a high respect for theology and science. He is deeply compassionate, but his guarded manner would not allow this to be easily observed. He appears grim and cold, yet in reality he is deeply passionate. His focus makes up for his lack of charisma.

Past: Caleb is the son of a Protestant minister and school teacher. He was raised in the countryside of England in a lower-middle class family as an only child. He was not excessively spoiled, but was well loved and cared for. He was educated mostly by his father and mother in theology and other disciplines.

Although he had a strong upbringing in the church he did not truly come to have true faith until the age of nineteen after witnessing a family slaughtered by a troop of vampires.

He dedicated himself to his faith and formed a group of individuals to hunt the vampires that prey on human blood. He and his followers are drifters that seek out towns with the highest vampire activity. He funds his cause my the spoils left behind by the vampires, and has gained wealth from this.

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