Robert Bradshaw

Appearance: Robert Bradshaw is fair looking man with wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes. He is 6 feet tall and is slightly muscular in build. He is 27 years old.

Skills: Bradshaw can play the fiddle extremely well. He does not share his talent much. Once in a while, while Dr. Jekyll is out, he will go practice in the amphitheater.

Personality: Bradshaw is mischievous but a kind hearted young man. He has learned the importance of being not too curious in the household. He is happy with his position and hopes to continue to learn from Mr. Poole.

History:Robert Bradshaw was born to a family that worked on a very small country estate. His father was a manservant and his mother the cook for a kind old master. His earliest memories are the kitchen and his mother preparing food for their master. It was here that Bradshaw started his career as a teenager working with his father. His father taught him what he knew, but recommended that he needed to round out his experiences plus, his former master was getting older and no longer need 3 employees around the estate. He moved to London at the age of twenty. He has been with the household since then.

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